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Celebrity Diet Tips That Actually Work

I picked up the most recent issue of OK magazine: "100 Celebrity Diet Tips." I flipped through it and for the first time started to see a trend that I agree with. Here's what won't work for long term weight loss, and the list is short.

FILE - In this Feb. 8, 1962, file photo, young heavyweight fighter Cassius Clay, who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali, is seen with his trainer Angelo Dundee at City Parks Gym in New York. Dundee, the peerless trainer who was in the corner for Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard and always drew the best out of his fighters, died on Feb. 1, 2012. He was 90. (AP Photo/Dan Grossi, File)

I picked up the most recent issue of OK magazine: 100 Celebrity Diet Tips. I flipped through it and for the first time started to see a trend that I agree with. Healthy lifestyle has taken over.

In the past it used to be crazy gimmicks that people grabbed in order to lose a few pounds quick. Now, celebrities are using trainers who get them healthy.

Here's what won't work for long term weight loss, and the list is short. Cleanses. Out of all the tips and tricks in this magazine the only thing to avoid is cleanses. Now, cleanses are awesome for those people who are at a healthy weight and want to reset the system, or give their body a break from all the stresses in the environment. But, the long term results are not there. Cleansing is not going to change your overall body fat percentage, and it won't increase lean muscle. If you don't do either of those things, your health isn't improving, the scale is just moving.

What will work

Portion Control. Most of the big celebrities were talking about this. They of course get help from food delivery services, but you can be your own food delivery service. Cook your meals on Sunday for the week and measure them out. look on the internet, find recipes you want to try make them and weigh out your serving size. Put it in a container that can be sealed and have meals ready for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Wednesday night cook again for Thursday and Friday. Keep your portion size small, and the taste really big!

Craving Control. In the perfect world everyone would plan perfectly, bring snacks that are high in fiber, low sodium, and are fresh and natural. We don't live in that world. A lot of celebs are caring around protein/fiber rich shake mixes and bars. I tell my clients to do the exact same thing.

Once they try the "shake mix that tastes like cake mix" they are hooked. All of the products out there are designed to level blood sugar, and create a filling of fullness. It's the perfect afternoon snack. Women are lucky, you can throw a few servings in your purse and never have to worry. This tip will work well for you.

Instead of letting your blood sugar drop, and responding with a massive dinner. Keep feeding yourself high nutrient density protein based shakes. As a trainer and business owner, selling those protein shakes has become the corner stone of my business. They get results as they take the thought out of meals, and allow you to get nutrition in an instant. Meetings will always run long, and unexpected emergencies will always come up via text message. Keep your weight loss support handy.

Exercise. Finding the thing that works for you, and sticking to it. The fun part of reading "OK Magazine" was to see the trends. Small group sessions, spin class, and fusion classes were the top of the list. Anytime you blend different classes together it will make it more fun. Ballet and Yoga, Spin and Kettlebells, or my favorite MMA and circuits. It's going to be a great workout that you will go back to. I am happy to see an emphasis put on burning calories as much as watching which ones come in. The past diet tips have been restrictive and strange diets.

The trend with celebrities at the moment seems to be getting back to science. That's how I have always approached fitness. It's also a progression. Eventually, I hope to be out of a job and I hope that people won't need single serving shake mixes to help curb their appetite. For right now, the world we live in, people need their trainers to remind them to workout, and they need all the help they can get when battling cravings.

If it's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for all us people watching them be beautiful. I want to add to that the incentive factor for my readers. is helping me send a reader to Sandals for a vacation. I dream of changing this Nation's health, One Fit City at a time. Hoping to get more people, reading and doing. Share this post, and help me realize a dream.

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