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How to Eat Clean While on Vacation

You might be wondering, "how do I eat clean on a "vacation." When planning a road trip here's what I think. Do all the small things right, and then remember that you are on vacation and you need to cut lose every once in a while.

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It's interactions with people that lead me to create some of my favourite blog posts. This is no different.

My travels took me to Dauphin Manitoba. August 9, they are holding a mud run in support of the MS Society. The event coordinators brought me up to run a portion of the event to get a feel for it, they also connected me with Tourism Dauphin and some country fest. It is a bit of drive for the event, and it involved some camping. The question I got asked the most was, how do I eat clean on a "vacation."

When planning a road trip here's what I think.

1) Water. Most people snack not because they are hungry, but because they are bored or thirsty. The number one thing to remember is water and to drink a lot of it. You may have to stop a few extra times, but you won't be consuming extra calories. Also, if you are on a vacation that involves the outdoors or activity in the sun, you need to be hydrates.

*Note this is water, no artificial flavours or colouring. Just life giving water.

2) Simple snacks. Well planned, local, and natural. Keep most things you eat very simple and as free from artificial ingredients as possible. Try to maintain your health on the road by having snacks that you can eat easily at a stop where you fill up gas, or when you get rid of the water you drank courtesy of recommendation number one.

3) Be very careful of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Pur Gum has a campaign that caught my attention called "Kick Aspartame." It's simple, make decisions on snacks, food and drinks that are naturally sweetened, stay away from man made substances. I chew a lot of gum while I drive, and for flying I got in the habit of using it to relieve the pressure in my ears. It's important that we make smart small decisions when it comes to what we put in our body. Remove artificial when you can. It goes for your snacks as well as food. Nothing is too small not even your choice in gum!

4) Be active. Especially if you are in Canada. This country is awesome. You can run around and play at some many different National Parks. Add a few days to your trip, and take in a few of our National Treasures. Dauphin has Riding Mountain National Park, a stunning prairie gem. Move around, and then replace your burned off fuel with high quality snacks.

5) Order what you want at restaurants, not just what's on the menu. Now, don't get rude about it, but tell the restaurant what you want to eat. If that means no sauce on top of the chicken, or a vegetarian meal that's not covered in butter. Or a vegan meal that has a little extra from the protein department. Ask nicely and see what they can do. Often times, they are more than happy to oblige or at least offer you a solid option.

Do all the small things right, and then remember that you are on vacation and you need to cut lose every once in a while.

So this summer go explore Canada, your province, or what ever you need to do. While you are out and about, don't let your health become secondary. If this is becoming a habit, and a lifestyle, it should just naturally all fall in to place.

Fill that cooler up with water, healthy simple snacks, and work clean eating into your road trip. Get out there and make life happen. Take a few photos, remember, no more before and afters. I want to see a nation full of people creating "durings."

Here's my latest "Durings" from the test run of the Manitoba Mud Run



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