06/03/2014 05:45 EDT | Updated 08/03/2014 05:59 EDT

Stress Kills. That's Why Real Men Do Yoga

Stress kills

It's a fact. The problem is, that stress also gets people wrapped up into a downward spiral that makes them stop thinking.

Let me share something with you.

The first time I was listed as a "fitness expert" was 6 years ago. I know a little bit about health and wellness thanks to a degree from the University of Winnipeg, and an industry full of people who will sit down with me to talk about their passion.

I read books, articles, and stay current. This is what I love, and I also love to help. I'm constantly learning and growing. It's amazing to be in an industry full of awesome teachers.

My problem?

I'm not good at the business part, and it's the biggest problem in my life. I created, I create video content for Inside Fitness Magazine, I've got a radio show with TSN 1290, and I write for With all of that, I still personal train people.

It's a lot.

I regularly get told by people that "it's your job to be healthy and that's why it's easy for me". It's not easy, I make time, and I do it for these simple reasons.

1) Stress kills -- it creeps into our lives and it takes over out thoughts. To combat this I do yoga and breathe deep. Or I go for a run. Yoga if I have time, or just a 30 minute run to clear my head.

2) Energy and metabolism decrease with time -- you have to be mindful that over time your body isn't getting better, it's slowing down. Your job is to use resistance to build bone density, eat local healthy options to ensure vitamins and minerals are there to run your body, and you have to get sweaty to encourage your body sweaty.

3) Being sick sucks -- preventable disease is killing our nation. I don't like being sick, so I do everything to avoid it. Not out of fear, but out of a desire to see and touch the world. I want to make memories. Not of hospital beds in my 60's and 70's. I want to be on a beach in the South of France, looking back on my life and thinking "Man I'm glad I did Yoga, lifted weights, and ran".

4) I'm vain -- eating right, working out, moving, being active is good for body composition. Basically, the healthier you live, the more you have muscle and the less fat you have. It really boils down to making smart food choices and being active. Each level you take it to with strictness and intensity gets you closer to a cover model. I'm good with just being comfortable in my back yard with friends shirtless around the pool. If you want a six pack, it takes a lot of work, and no pizza and Dr. Pepper.

I can't imagine a world without pizza and Dr. Pepper.

So let's start to remove stress. Men, I want to encourage you to do Yoga. I'm still not into a lot of it. You'll probably never see or hear me talk about the deep spiritual side. But I take my deep breaths, I reflect inward, I calm myself after a long day. I do the things that reduce stress. I also find that I take the breathing and reflection time along with me on my running and into the weight room. I've seen massive improvements there.

Real men do yoga and learn from it. Start looking around pro football, fighters, and hockey guys do it all the time.

It's fun! My journey has just started in Winnipeg at Yoga Public. I'm building One Fit City, so come join me. Hot Yin, Joga, or anything else. It's good and good for you!


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