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Incorporate Wellness into Your 9 to 5 Life


The world is completely backwards. It becomes more apparent each time I go into an office and present on health and wellness.

If you could do just ONE thing perfect today, what would it be?

1) Show a family member love

2) Exercise and eat right to make sure you stay healthy

3) Meditate and clear your mind to be as focused and creative as possible

4) Work on a project you love, because you want to show your creativity

Maybe you'd do all four things and live a little bit more of a balanced life? You are also probably the person that says they would ask for more wishes with their wishes from a genie.

There are more things for that list, but I hope the point gets made. Life is simple when you break it down into the more important aspects. You find very quickly that certain things matter to you more than others. When you sit back and dream, or imagine doing good what comes into your mind?

Now comes the reason for the article. Why aren't you doing those things?

Awkwardly, this is what I encounter on a regular basis: I go in to a workplace to spread health and fitness, and get to meet people that are putting their life on hold Monday to Friday. I meet people that are extremely bitter. The reason is that they know they aren't doing the important things. They feel trapped.

What I want to see is a change in the scope of what we do. I grew up in Kleefeld, Manitoba -- I'm a country kid. I have shoveled chicken manure, cow waste, and a lot of other gross things. I've cleaned up job sites, sorted screws and nails. I've worked in the heat, and the cold. I've been as happy doing that as I am writing books, making videos and living the life I have now. The reason is simple.

What ever you do for work, make sure you find the way to make it benefit you and those around you. Find a way to fit work into your dream. I promise, that you are at a job right now that has its perks and can allow you true happiness.

I have no stability in my work life now, when things go bad, if no one is booking me, I don't make money. Some days that desk job and real paycheque seem a lot smarter than what I do. The travel messes up my exercise and eating, and being on TV is not nearly as rewarding or glamorous as it seems. What matters is simply finding "you" in the job that you have. It means focusing on the good, accepting the bad, and realizing that you need to make the effort to maximize the benefits.

Stop looking at your job and see what it isn't, start seeing what it is. No one has it all together, they just claim they do on Facebook. Trust me. It is never going to be perfect, but it is going to be great. It depends on you, and you finding joy in what you have.

From a health perspective, go into your workplace and take it over. I've been learning from a very smart young woman that If you don't ask people for exactly what you want, there is no chance to get it.

Experts are ensuring that employers know exactly what the benefits are to a happy and healthy work force. That means if you present to your employer a plan, and request for you to get healthy and be supported by them, odds are they will grant your request. You wanting to be healthy saves them money. They are probably going to say yes, not because they like you or the idea, but because it's going to make them more money.

So make sure you have these things at your workplace. Confidently ask your employer for help to perfect the wellness landscape of your workplace.

1) A time and place to get activity done. If the place you are at doesn't have the floor space for a workout area, make sure they support you in getting a gym membership. You should also be getting the time to go to a class or get a workout in. Not being greedy or demanding, but asking for an hour and 15 minutes on a lunch to get 40 minutes for exercise, 15 minutes to clean up, and 15 minutes to eat a meal is not unreasonable. It will make you more productive. Have a plan, show the reason, and make sure you sell the fact that you will be more productive.

2) A place to store healthy food, or a service to bring it in. It's not unreasonable for you to want to have great food available to you. I'm shocked when I get to places and the employees don't have access to any way to eat healthy. Fuel is the number one thing when it comes to being focused all day. Without the right food you can't remain focused, or get your work done right.

3) Community of support and excellence. You have to create a culture at the workplace of people looking to be healthy. Accept that this is your job, and your career. It's not about who can complain the loudest, it's about who can make the workplace as healthy and happy as possible. If you go to work with the attitude of making it work, and work well, you will be a lot further ahead. Complain, and you will change nothing. Go about changing the community and spread positive vibes and you will be rewarded with a workplace that you like going to.

If it's easy to complain where you work, change it. Start looking to make a place where you can be healthy. You spend far to much time at work to hate it or let it control your emotions. It may never be perfect, but it can be awesome. Look to create a healthy, wellness based workplace.

Love your job, make it what you want it to be, and start to realize that you have everything you need for happiness. Joy is in the little things, the moments you have daily that bring a smile to your face. Happiness makes you healthy, and there is nothing better than a contagious smile.

Spread happiness, not the flu. You can quote me on that.


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