02/28/2014 12:25 EST | Updated 04/30/2014 05:59 EDT

How I Use Instagram to Keep Me Honest in the Gym

#MotivationMonday on twitter is followed by #TransformationTuesdays, Wednesday is #WorkoutWednesday Thursdays are #ThrowbackThursdays.

It's fun going through the pictures, blogs and posts of random strangers to find motivation. Social Media has the power to be the catalyst to totally change health in North America. We are creating celebrities with YouTube and Instagram. I'll admit, I'm trying to be one of them.

I threw this picture up on a Thursday -- hoping people would follow, and get inspired. Start reading my One Fit City blog. Then start asking me for advice on nutrition and exercise.

It also keeps me honest. As long as I'm putting up photos, or writing stories and making videos to inspire, I have to be inspiring!

If you look through my Instagram, right next to a workout photo you'll see a wing night, or something to do with me having fun. The reality is, I use my social media as a tool to stay honest with myself, and really try to help fill the void for inspiration. A constant reminder to stay healthy, make memories, and have a lot of fun.

My hope is that people start to utilize the tools in the social media world to get themselves to a new level of healthy. Why not? You can inspire others with your transformation, find a new workout to try, and get motivated any time you need it yourself. You can watch video for form, and ideas for any situation you are in. Lots of weight and a full gym, or travelling with nothing. Someone can show you how to maximize your exercise time.

It has been reported that we, as social media users, spend about 20-billion minutes on facebook every day. I'd like to see that change. Go on, get connected, get your information, post your photos and videos, but make sure the posts are a about the active memories you made and the workouts you had. Let's be mindful that our bodies were made to move, not just watch someone else do it.

Before I forget -- make sure you put your smartphone down at the dinner table and get into the conversation. Do the same if you are off exploring the world. We need to re-engage with nature and our families. I love smartphones and social media, but we've gotten a little carried away. It's fun though, so it's not the worst thing to have happen.

I'd love to see a major change in the way people view social media. Let's inspire one another, challenge each other, and start to correct the obesity epidemic. It's as simple as clicking "like" when someone posts about a workout and taking a minute to post what you did that day that was active. No posts for a few weeks, and you know you are slacking.

So let's hit it folks, let's change fitness with social media. Let's start making the trend to encourage all of our contacts, friends and followers to get moving? Why? Because it's time to make our own memories instead of scrolling through other peoples.

Well, we can still creep a little.


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