07/05/2013 12:01 EDT | Updated 09/04/2013 05:12 EDT

The Secret to Getting Fit: Find What You Love

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What is your favorite exercise in the gym? It's a question that needs to be answered. More people need to figure out what they like to do in the gym, and what doesn't work for them.

There is a new fad to try each week in this world. Those fads can throw you off.

In the sports world, we teach and coach athletes to keep things simple and master certain skills. Once you master the skill it becomes habit and takes less effort to perform with excellence regularly. It's the same for fitness. Figure out what you do, master it, and then begin to excel at it, become consistent. Consistent exercise gets results. The exercise doesn't matter as much as how often you do it.

Confusion seems to be what is killing most people's drive to succeed. That's the reason I got involved with Snap Fitness River Heights and began training their trainers. The creation of a strong, consistent message and the creation of bond with a knowledgeable trainer is key to success in the fitness world.

You need to go to a facility, or get a program with proven results so you believe in it. I have my clients write and journal their thoughts for me at my One Fit City blog. It shows people in real time how to get success. Each person there is doing things just a little different. We found what works for them. Yoga, spin, walking, kickboxing, circuits, you name it and we found something to put in their life. Now, once they have their own road map, they can put all the effort they want in. If you don't have a road map, it's time to sit down with a top notch trainer and get going.

Set goals, figure out a plan and stick to it. Follow the example of 103.1 Virgin Radio Adam West and Pamela Roz. They are blogging about their path to a run with Team Diabetes in the Cayman Islands.

These two have done it right. Found something they enjoy, running. Consulted a personal trainer to make sure they are moving forward wisely with cross training. They also have an end goal, it's causing them to push hard and set goals.

So make a decision in your life to find something fun and worth while to do. Put your energy into it and have a great time changing the health of your body. There is not better gift you can give yourself than healthy lungs and a strong heart.

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