03/12/2013 05:46 EDT | Updated 05/12/2013 05:12 EDT

The Three Things You're Doing Wrong at the Gym


I love my career, somewhere in the last decade people started calling me an expert. It makes me feel great! It also motivates me like you wouldn't believe to get people results. I stopped doing one-on-one training, and started creating programming for local gyms under my One Fit City banner. I noticed over the years three things people do that severely hinder their results.

First, why workout alone? Stop going to the gym, or heading out side by yourself. You will never push as hard on your own as you will with a friend beside you. It doesn't have to be a friend, join a class. I created something I call "No Limits Functional Training". We launched it at Snap Fitness River Heights, and it's getting rave reviews. The point is to get people in, training, networking, and getting results. Most people in my years of experience are not getting the results they want because they don't put the effort they need to in. Success comes from pushing your comfort zone. Not a lot, but just a little. You need to sweat, and have fun doing it. The "what" isn't as important as the "how hard". You won't get to the right intensity without some hard working friends.

Second thing to do is to stop listening to everyone and ignoring your gut. You need to figure out what you want to do, and work with a trainer or grab resources and blogs that work for you. Get a great trainer. In my travels across North America I have meet some amazing personal trainers. What sets the best ones apart from the average? Commitment to reading and studying their niche. One of my professors at University used to tell us in our exercise rehab class that "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." The point is, if you look at life only from your skill set, you will try to solve every problem with what you know. How this becomes an issue in the personal training world, is through the sport of Fitness Modeling. There is a talent and will power in Fitness Modelling that very few posses. Michael Ryan from Fitness Star put it best when we talked about a few of his upcoming shows. "We need athletes that are prepared and committed all year round. They have to be in shape and committed to this without exception. If I get a phone call for an athlete and they say they need 3 weeks to get ready, they will lose that job. No question." The point here is that Fitness modelling is an industry and sport unto itself. Getting the best trainer in that world won't necessarily be the best thing for you. Their focus or "hammer" is there to get athletes ready for fitness competitions. That's not real world, and that's not going to be what you are looking for. Find trainers who excel at getting people healthy for real life. Have a conversation with a trainer first. Find out they are saying the same things as your favorite authors who get the results you want in your life. Don't go see someone because they work with a 23 year old super model. If you are a Mom with 3 kids, or a Dad that doubles as a chauffeur, get someone who can work with you. The right team gets the results.

Third thing is to stop skipping workouts. The key to remember is consistency. I harp on this point with everyone. It doesn't matter that you had the best run time of your life 12 days ago, and haven't run since. It doesn't matter that you worked out one time this month but had eight other workouts booked that you missed.

What matters is consistent day-to-day effort. I want people carving out time to be active every single day. That includes walks with the family, play time, and activity where your body moves. The gym has one purpose, and that's getting to the level of "extra" fit.

You should be able to maintain a healthy BMI outside of the gym. It's scary to think that these numbers from Stats Can are reality. I understand the gym isn't for everyone, but activity and eating right is. Our bodies were designed to move, and our body functions best when fueled with high nutrient foods. The fresher the better. Be consistent. Fuel your body right, move more, and if you want to take your physique to the next level, get lean and toned, get to the gym and get working hard.

The three things to stop doing. Stop going alone, stop using a trainer or resources that are not geared to your, and stop skipping out on your scheduled workouts. That's going to get you fit and healthy.

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