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How to Stay on the Health Bandwagon

It's almost February. That means most people are off the health band wagon...again. If you have been slipping and are almost off the January health kick, here is a check list to ensure you stick to your goals.
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It's almost February. That means most people are off the health band wagon... again.

If you have been slipping and are almost off the January health kick, here is a check list to ensure you stick to your goals.

1) Go shopping -- Not for clothing, go find your next health adventure. I'm doing Hot Yoga right now. You need to find your next motivator. It's not what you do, it's what you do consistently. Find something fun, and stick to it. Go "accidentally" burn calories. That's what I call having fun. You do something not to lose weight, but because you personally enjoy it... Also, go buy some new clothing. How cool is that new Under Armour Tyson shirt?

2) Make simple choices. Now that the motivation from January is gone and most people are losing that Super Hero sized drive to be fit and healthy, start figuring out what works for you. If you cut out everything because you talked with a fit friend, or if you joined some crazy bootcamp that is 5 days a week at 6 a.m. and you just can't go any more, start figuring out how you can do small things. Get the perspective back for what you want your health to look like. Goal set. Are you really willing to give up everything you need to get a six pack? Cover model beauty is a lifestyle that includes a lot of deprivation. If chocolate, red wine and 14-25 per cent body fat makes you happier than 6-10 per cent body fat (depends on male or female) and a life without any man made extras, then accept it. You can't have both... you just can't. Make a few days of the week perfect. Monday to Thursday have all your meals planned and packed. Ensure you have all the right food, and start focusing on your health. Be healthy, be smart, but accept the fact that you may not be ready to cut out everything you need to in order to get that dream body.

**** Anyone CAN get a cover model body. Are you willing to do what it takes? It is hard work. That work needs to be respected. There is no cheating, and there is no deviating from measuring all your meals out.

3) Get a group of friends around you or include your workplace. Find some recipes to try, workouts to challenge each other with, and ways to work health into the work place. It doesn't need to be forced. You don't need to spend time outside the office together. Use your e mail, find things online and share it. Like this blog. The group mentality will keep you moving forward towards health, and increase your productivity.

4) Eat right, and try adding supplements to perfect your vitamin and mineral stores. If you focus on food, find awesome meal ideas(I included some videos in this post). Then add supplements, you will be amazed at how well your body works. Never forget that every single hormonal, digestive, and energy related process in the body is regulated by Macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) and Micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals). For your body to function it needs certain essentials. Make sure you get them in your diet, and then optimize your levels with quality supplements.

5) Make sure you focus on results. How is your energy? How are clothes fitting? Any aches and pains getting alleviated? You'll be amazed what a healthy body does for your love life, and for raising kids. I get too much information regularly from people. I guess if you are excited about your results you want to share them with your trainer, sometimes, no matter how personal!

If you read this and want questions answered, feel free to leave a message in the comment section, or send me a facebook message to my facebook page. I'd love to help you find an online food planner, and answer some basic questions to get you on your health journey.

Don't let 2014 slip by without you totally changing your health life. There is no reason to be the same next year as you are right now, unless you are happy. Make small goals each week and commit to them daily. That way your months turn out fantastic and on track, and your year will be a success!

Here are a few ideas for the kitchen and workout tips. I'd love if you click on them and subscribe to my youtube channel. I'm making a big push this year to get more quality information out to everyone.

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