01/23/2015 05:25 EST | Updated 03/25/2015 05:59 EDT

If Health Is Your Mission, Follow These Rules

Mike Powell via Getty Images

Social media is fast becoming my best friend. It's making it easy to show people in a visual how to be healthy.

I can take concepts, and break them down through photos and videos. This makes it easy for people to get ideas and stay motivated.

Fun fact: At this point most people are already quitting on their New Year's resolutions. It is more often than not because they have tried to do too much.

If health is your mission, focus on these points:

1) Get portion sizes under control -- We simply eat way more than we need. If it's healthy, over-eating is still not good for the system. Sit down with a professional if you need to really get it under control, or click on this video from my One Fit City TV channel on YouTube.

2) Be active daily -- Not the gym necessarily, but the little things. Go for a walk, hold a few yoga poses and breath through them for 10 minutes. Swim, bike, hike, do anything but nothing. We have pushed the gym as the thing you have to do to get results. It's not, and healthy should be your goal.

3) Get an accountability group -- This is the focus of the workplace wellness work I do. Turn the culture of the workplace into one of support for people to simply move more, eat better and make small changes. If it's all around you and it's all positive, odds are you will succeed.

4) Eat and snack four times a day. If you eat an average of three meals at 400-500 calories andone1 snack at least at 200-300 calories, your day will be awesome.

This is the reason I wrote this article. These are all photos from my Instagram page.

I want people to get ideas and realize one very important fact. This food is delicious, easy to make, cost effective, and well change your health. Food is medicine, never forget that. Try some of these, share them around, and let me know on twitter what you think! @FitCityJordan

Breakfast -- NEVER SKIP!

My favorite Apple Cinnamon Smoothie - hemp hearts for protein


Egg white pancakes with oatmeal, blueberries and cinnamons - Kills a craving, and it's healthy

Mid Morning or Afternoon Snack options

Simple smoothie and Fruit bowl - Great refuel

or one of my favories

Hemp hearts, hot sauce, and veggies - It's about 90 seconds of prep

Lunch - Refuel and Recharge to enjoy the second part of the day

Salad, and a light tuna treat - It's seriously good.

Don't like tuna? Try this

Quinoa, avocado, hot sauce, naan - Add 3 oz of chicken of you want.

How about we talk dinner - Just keep the serving sizes under control! Half the plate should be veggie

Veggie burger, with steamed vegetables - Yum

Salmon with stir fry veggies. Add 1/2 cup cooked quinoa to the stir fry - Keep salmon size 3-4oz.

No matter what you choose, keep the portions under control. Eat real food and prepare everything in advance. I can whip up a meal in five minutes at any moment. Veggies are prepped, quinoa is ready, I have chicken weighed and waiting. I usually leave salmon for the evening meal as it tastes best fresh cooked.

All of this food tastes fantastic, I wouldn't do it otherwise.

Fuel yourself to get out and enjoy the day.

One last tip in video form on making your own food -- It's crazy easy. This video is me making hummus from scratch. I took chickpeas and threw them in my Vitamix, then added a few simple ingredients like jalapenos, lemon juice, cumin, and a few others. I can literally make hummus and clean up in under 10 minutes. I'm a 34-year-old country boy with a kinesiology degree and a passion for health. If I can make my own healthy food, anyone can.