05/07/2015 12:14 EDT | Updated 05/07/2016 05:59 EDT

There's No Such Thing as a Quick-Fix for Health


The world has been overrun by marketing. It's a little disturbing to me, especially in the health realm. Quick fixes are promised everywhere, and with seemingly no need to bring the truth.

Here is a list of four things that if you get and use as directed, I promise they will change your life.

1) A bed - technology here has changed immensely, there are a lot of choices. Go to a store that will allow you to be tested for the best suited bed for you. Believe it or not, science can make you sleep better.

2) Water cooler - tap water will do, but I'm a massive believer in spring water from natural sources. I've got a little bit of an issue at the thought of my water running through miles of pipes. In some cases pipes that are over 100 years old.

3) Real Food - Portion this amazing product out right and you'll be full of energy and vitamins and minerals. Actually.

4) Outside - Literally get outside. Climb things, hike on things, walk around and over things. The outside world is full of everything you need to get fit.

The above list will make you healthy, get your lean, and improve your energy and mental focus. This next list is for those of you who put in the work and do the ground work. Parents, if you have a young athlete who trains hard and has dreams of taking it as far as they can there are supplements that are safe and beneficial.

Recreational athletes, and those of you who want to commit to the healthiest life possible, there are supplements that can optimize your performance.

These are the GENERIC names. This is not to promote one company over any other. It's some ideas to help get the most out of your high performance.

Protein Powder- The average person only needs 0.36grams/pound of body weight or 0.8grams/kilogram of body weight in a day. If you weigh 160lbs you'd need 58 grams.

If you are an active athlete: Studies show that the number could be closer to 0.7 grams/pound or 1.6grams/kilogram. That gets a little tougher to do without supplementing. Especially if you are on the go. Protein shakes help ensure the body has what it needs to heal. It's always smart to speak with a sport specific dietitian to determine what you need. If you are meeting your requirements with food, then a shake is overkill, and not necessary.

Glutamine - This amino acid is a large part of muscle repair and recovery. If your protein intake is low, then glutamine levels drop. Studies show that adding glutamine to the supplement regime of athletes or regularly active people can help reduce muscle soreness. I personally know a lot of top pro athletes who swear by it, brand doesn't matter, they just love their glutamine.

Thermogenics - Believe it or not caffeine can help your performance, and help burn fat as a fuel. That's why it's in the family labeled "thermogenics." Some of those things that say "will burn more fat," well, they will. However, you need to use them with caution. I'm not one to recommend their use, especially with athletes because they are stimulant based. If used wisely and consulting a doctor or athletic therapist and trainer, they can improve endurance by getting the body to use fat as a fuel source and spare the sugar in muscles. You have to be exercising for them to be effective. If you chose to use thermogenics, follow the label and recommendations.

Alert your doctor, and if you are an athlete tell your coach or trainer. Always keep your teammates and coaching staff in the loop on your supplements. Make sure that what you are using is not a banned substance in whatever sport, or league you compete in.

Pre-workout: These need attention. There is a lot of positive data on their use and improved strength and mental focus. As well, extra Arginine(amino acid) can increase vasodilation. The widening of the arteries means more blood can flow through. Bringing more nutrients and oxygen improving your performance. Over use, and of course, abuse can have an opposite effect. These are up there with Thermogenics. They need to be treated with respect and talk with professionals about using them properly.

The basic concept here folks. Don't let the sexy person on the advertisement fool you into thinking all they did was take a supplement you don't know about. They live a lifestyle. If you are a young athlete there is no supplement that you can take that can out-perform hard work and dedication.

If you are in need of weight loss, don't go to supplements first. Go to professionals who will walk you through diet, and help you get moving.

I'm taking six weeks and blogging/documenting everything I do. It's for motivation for me, and hopeful spells out a plan for anyone interested.


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