02/12/2015 12:58 EST | Updated 04/14/2015 05:59 EDT

This Is What Your Morning Meal Should Look Like

I use my instagram for the purpose of spreading health and wellness, with the occasional selfie. The feedback I got on my One Fit City facebook page led me to create a 4 part mini series here on the huffington post, starting with breakfast.

Yes, this is what my morning smoothie looks like. Remember, I won't eat anything that doesn't taste good, or isn't easy to make.

Breakfast is the most under utilized tool for starting the day right. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to run every single function it does during the day. It also rebuilds with protein, creates hormones and protects cells with essential fats, and all your energy comes from carbohydrates. If you don't eat a good breakfast, you are behind the 8 ball before you even get the day started.

Toast and coffee isn't going to cut it. You need food. Real, simple, easy to make food. I've been showing off my culinary skills for years on youtube. Fun fact- I don't really have any, so I keep things super simple. If you watch the videos, I promise you can follow them and make exactly what I do.

Health is simple.

In my kitchen I've got a Vitamix (Check out their instagram for amazing recipes), and a stove. Those two things are all you need to eat healthy. Well that, and the right ingredients.

This blog is going to be a visual from my Instagram account on some ideas for breakfast. Get your fuel, your vitamins and minerals, all those anti-oxidants, and more. Set the day right.

Keep in mind, I'm just a regular guy. In fact, I'm worse. I was raised in the Canadian prairies, I'm from the country, and I'd rather be doing anything other than spending time in the kitchen. My goal is to shop local and eat food that I recognize. In Winnipeg I head to FoodFare, a store where the owners still work in the building. Find something like that near you.

My grocery list looks like this -- with a few variations -- It never costs more than $60, nothing in a box.








Berries of all kinds(Straw,blue, black)



Steel Cut Oats

Hemp Hearts Manitoba Harvest


With these foods I create great food. As I said before, I won't eat anything that tastes bad, so I make this:

I'd love to hear what you eat, or answer any questions you may have. The options above are all vegan, but I do eat meat. More ideas and concepts to come! Next stop, we tackle lunch. Don't skip it. It's imperative to the second half of your day!


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