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Healthy Food Is Actually Faster Than Fast Food

What if healthy was faster than fast food?

As you read this keep in mind I don't eat anything that doesn't taste good, and I don't waste time because I stay busy.

Here is my day

I'm constantly in contact with workplaces to ensure the wellness programs I create there are growing, I also like to personal train people and ensure they get results. Over and above that, I write for Inside Fitness Magazine, My own blog do TV interviews and I have a radio show on TSN 1290. There is also a lot of volunteer work that happens in my life, because I love my city. Winnipeg is home, and I fully intend to be part of it's future growth.

I truly think healthy food is the faster food. Not just because I'm a health nut, but because I like math. I also eat healthy because it allows me to be more energetic.

Here are the facts

If you google it, most restaurants take anywhere from 145 seconds-180 seconds to make your food. That's you telling the big board your order and it getting cooked. So it's 2 minutes and 30 seconds from the time you say "burger and fries please" till the time you have food in your hands.

So let's say you have to drive 3 minutes out of your way to get something. Then, because there is 5 cars in front of you and they average 30 seconds to pull up and decide what they want, you have another 2 minutes 30 seconds to wait.

Total is 8 minutes.

With a minute getting added for any additional drive time, red lights or traffic. Also, time adds on quick with any car added ahead of you.

My last blog was on breakfast, someone wrote in the comments that "that's great if you have lots of time, most people don't".

I read the comments a lot, they often rattle me. So I filmed this video. I was fresh out of the shower and in the middle of getting ready for the day. In 4:44 seconds I rant, explain, make two meals, and do a quick clean up. I've started using my cell phone to simply capture things in the middle of my day. I ran out of time in my life to set up real "quality" shoots. Now, I'm putting my real life up for people to see.

When I head to the kitchen and make most of my meals it's with prepared food. JUST LIKE THE FAST FOOD PLACES! Only I buy my food local, and prepare it fresh.

I spend a little time Sunday and Wednesday making sure everything is ready to go. Then when I need to make meals it can literally take me 1 minute or less. Here's a simple quinoa, berry and honey snack.

I'm trying to spread the word on health. Hoping to stay as real as possible with the message. I definitely drink pop, and eat pizza. It's not cheat meals, it's treats. I don't know who started it, but some how we started talking about food as the enemy. We need to stop thinking these thoughts.

Food makes us fat

Any food is "bad"

Diet is a weight loss thing.

You can't eat certain things

Start thinking this way.

First, the Hippocratic Oath says "let food by thy medicine". So let's look at it that way. Food is the basis for how we make ourselves healthy and full of energy. There needs to be a base set of healthy food, once you have that base, and you eat to fuel, then worry about more.

There is no diet out there to fix anything.

We live in a unique world. Never before in the history of man has every edible food from every nation been available just down the street at a grocery store. Every treat, and hand to reach fruit is picked for us and sold for a reasonable price.

We don't even have to work for our food.

Too much is available, and it doesn't cost calories to get it.

I enjoy food as much as the next person. If I can get one thought to get out there to the world it would be this.

Let's bring back the joy of a treat, and food that tastes amazing. If I could, I'd eat pizza every day and wash it down with a Dr. Pepper. However, that won't give me the vitamins I need, or the right fuel to be energetic. Furthermore, when I deny myself or fight a craving, it makes the times I do have a treat that much more sweeter.

I don't call them cheat meals, and I don't plan them out.

My goal is to find food that I love, and eat that. Once in a while, usually every two weeks or so, I have foods that have zero positive effect but taste amazing. Sometimes, I lose control and eat those foods 3 times a week. Sometimes I go a month without indulging. I gauge it all based on my body.

How do my clothes fit? (I'm vain, I will admit it)

How is my energy level? (I've got dreams and career aspirations)

How do I feel? (Your body tells you a lot before it gets sick. Listen, and adapt)

Simply enjoy your life. It doesn't take a lot of time, and healthy food can be faster than fast food. My goal is to spread a positive message. Let's move out forward, our nation should be the healthiest in the world. We have clean water, available food, shelter, safety, education, and health care.

The way we eat, and our sedentary life is causing us to get sick. We die from preventable disease. Let's turn it around.

Here's a few quick snack ideas from my Instagram account. I'm a simple country boy from the middle of Canada. I proudly call Winnipeg home. If I can do this, you can. Nothing special about me at all.


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