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Being Healthy Should Be Your Goal, Not Losing Weight

Healthy should be the goal. As a nation, we are caught up in a thought process and mission to get skinny, or muscular. We lost sight of healthy. We should care more about feeling healthy and being stress-free, than about how we look. Here is how to make the paradigm shift from losing weight to staying healthy.

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Healthy should be the goal. As a Nation, we are caught up in a thought process and mission to get skinny, or muscular. We lost sight of healthy.

"You look like you lost weight," is one of the most sought after compliments. How about, "You look stress free?" Why isn't that impressive? And instead of looking at someone because they have a six pack and a chiseled waist line, why don't we consider their resting heart rate?

I started my website, and the Facebook page because I love to see people get healthy. It's all about creating a community and a culture that realizes it has to be about health to make it a lifelong commitment.

Here is the paradigm shift.

1) It's not spending one hour at the gym because you have to. It's about getting moving and spending as much time as you can enjoying life. Don't put a limit on it, and don't make it a chore. Fall in love with being a mobile human being.

2) Find your "thing". If it's a battle to go to the gym and lift weights, don't. If you can't imagine swimming for any amount of time, don't. Love to bike? Want to kickbox? Who are you, and what do you want to do? Answer that question. If it's just a walk, then walk.

3) Worry about your markers for heart health -- resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Take care of those by relaxing, eating healthy local meals. and making sure you get active. It's not about the weight loss. It's about caring for your heart.

4) Prevent preventable disease. If you get one thing from this message it is this. Your job is to avoid the hospital, and enjoy the great outdoors. I'm going to be traveling across Western Canada this summer and using the provincial travel sites as a guide on what to do to get outside and enjoy this country I call home.

It all starts with Travel Manitoba. This is my home province, so I'm going to get out and use all the natural wonders we have. It all starts with a trip up to Dauphin Manitoba. A mud run, some kayaking, and because I love to party I'm taking in Country Fest. You have to love a province that can party with the best of them, and then put you in some of the most beautiful scenery known to man.

Get out and see your home, walk it, hike it, bike it, do yoga on a mountain top if you can. All that matters is that YOU move your body, and YOU stay as healthy as you can.

As my friends at Contiki tours say, "no regrets." Get out and live your life. Also, take pictures. I love seeing pictures. Feel free to tweet them at me. Nothing motivates me as much as seeing other people out, exploring and being alive.


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