11/17/2014 05:32 EST | Updated 01/17/2015 05:59 EST

Out of the Box Gift Ideas To Encourage Healthy Living

Not sure if you know this, but gift giving season is just around the corner. Let me take two minutes and show you some of the coolest and unique gifts you could give someone.

These gifts range from $50-$4000. So if you haven't been good, some of these may be off limits to your list.

In no particular order because all of these are awesome

SodaStream -- The coolest invention out there if you like to spice up your water. This bad boy carbonates, and therefore perfects, water. It's super simple to use, and the sky is the limit for your infusions. I love pouring it over crushed up mint, cucumbers and lemon. Try that at the end of a long day instead of wine, save tons of calories! If you have a friend with a SodaStream, you can buy a replacement CO2 tank for $30.

Vitamix -- A must have if you like to make all your own, well, everything. You can make any vegetable that was solid into a liquid. There is no better mixer on the market. It also makes health easy thanks to the fact that it actually works the way it claims. You can literally make anything into a smoothie. It's fast, user friendly, and if you bring one home you will make yourself healthy snacks with it. Plus it looks sharp on the counter.

An iOU -- See what I did there? The iWatch isn't out yet. I am sure that more than most people would be happy to wake up to an IOU for Apple's new iWatch -- this thing is going to revolutionize health. Not just high performance, but healthy living, and ensuring people lead as healthy a life as possible. This to me is going to be the ultimate in health. But what do I know, I just lift weights for a living. The things I'm going to do with this in workplace wellness, it's going to be mind blowing!

Nexersys -- What do you mean you've never heard of this? You like kickboxing? You like to workout? You are all about technology? This is the product you are missing. If you have ever kickboxed you know that it's an amazing cardio workout. So it's no surprise that Nexersys hopes to see their product in gyms around the globe and homes everywhere in place of treadmills. It's interactive, it's fun. It's a must have for a fitness and tech enthusiast. Imagine never being rushed, or late to a cardio kickboxing class again. The class starts the second you are ready. No more time wasted waiting for class to start. Just 30-60 minutes of kickboxing fun when you are ready.

New shoes -- This may sound silly, but most active people don't buy themselves new kicks on a regular basis. Do this to be sneaky. Ask the gift receiver in question where they suggest to buy shoes. Then, even more sneaky, ask if they can suggest a pair. If you get road blocked because they are actually runners and say "well what kind of foot do you have" (Not giving you anything on what they like) then simple ask what they wear as a starting point, because you don't have a clue! Head to their store, and get a gift card. Never buy anyone shoes, it's a risky venture. However, do get them a gift card and find yourself in their favorite person category quick.

Those are my quick hits for some out of the box ideas. Of course, if you haven't already, you should read my hilarious article on how to use Pinterest to never screw up buying a gift again.

It's the holidays, let's use them to encourage fitness and fun!


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