05/01/2014 05:53 EDT | Updated 07/01/2014 05:59 EDT

Why I Tried Joga

What is physical activity? It's different for everyone, but everyone needs to move.

I tried something new. It's called Joga. Jana Webb came up with an athletic style of yoga to get people moving. If you caught her on CBC with "Steven and Chris" you'd have seen her use Joga to improve your sex life. More motivation to get fit.

Isn't it strange that the world has become an inactive place? Not even 100 years ago, if you didn't work you didn't eat. Now, we sit in front of computers. Half of my friends explain their jobs to me and my reaction is "you get paid how much, to do what?"

No one throws bales of hay any more, we don't till the land, and work is left to trades people.

Because we don't move, our bodies shut down. It is the cold hard facts. I do a lot of seminars on health and fitness. Constantly speaking and motivating this Nation. I get to offices and it seems without fail someone says "well it's easy for you, you're fit."

If you all don't think I like cake, pizza, pop and candy you are nuts. Just because I'm fit doesn't mean I don't love to sit on the couch and watch Ellen and eat pizza pops. My choice not to revolves around two things.

1) I never want to be in a hospital and be told if I had been active or taken care of myself I wouldn't have had to be there.

2) I want to make memories, see the world, and never look back and wish I had walked somewhere. This was cemented for me on a Contiki Tour of Thailand. I climbed to the top of a mountain for this view.

Being active makes life amazing. Getting your blood flowing regularly, and moving your body is the biggest positive out there for your mood, energy and passion for life.

The problem is physical activity has turned into the gym life. We put pictures of hot girls, and buff guys on the cover of magazines and say it's healthy or fitness. We forget what our bodies are actually designed for. My first Joga experience was a solid reminder for me. Full ranges of motion that I could do, and frankly, anyone can. Add to that core stability and it's brilliant. It's the way to move. It's your body, you control it. None of the crazy poses of yoga that I really don't "get." There are simple markers where I can tell I'm making progress, while going through full ranges of motion. We are on this planet to move.

Joga takes into account different body types, specifically those people who start off inflexible and gets them moving.

That simple movement, love, and the creation of memories is the purpose of life. We are alive for a short time to enjoy the planet, share moments with friends and move. So go out and do it. Use your body, find your health and restore that energy of your youth. Take a deep breath and enjoy life.

Strangely, I find a lot of freedom in my gym life. As I have become more media and writing and less time in gyms as a personal trainer (I still do it), I actually took on working with a trainer. Jeff Fisher in Winnipeg is my go to, his gym creates an environment where I can get the most high performance workout you have ever seen. I love it. That's my passion.

I mix that with Yoga Public in Winnipeg. They call themselves the biggest Yoga Playground. It's there that my vision for physical activity has changed. I'm loving their Joga program, a must for anyone who wants to truly move their body, and enjoy something different then the typical Yoga program.

I'm working to create a healthy Nation, One Fit City at a time. I'd love some help doing it. It's the reason I talk about different trainers and gyms. I want you to find places in your City to go be healthy and free.

It can be as easy as moving into the right neighbourhood. It's the beauty of companies like Qualico. New home communities are being built with the mindset of healthy living, and active transport. Just start to move again, love your body, get active, and treat your body well because it's the only one you get.


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