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Convincing the Kids of Today to Stay Healthy for Tomorrow

What do we do with this new generation? How do we inspire the desire for health when there is no need for physicality past high school? How do you convince someone they need to be energetic and healthy for life when their life and work requires next to zero physical effort?

Statistically speaking we are continuing our national journey to unhealthy. Parents, this blog is for you. If you have a child who is creative and you can't motivate them to play sports, here's what you can consider.

There is no easy fix, and there are no clear easy answers. However, I think I found the path to the answer. It's not what I thought it was and it is still not the only way to turn this nation around, but, it lies in humour, imagination, and artistic creativity.

You don't have to convince me that strength is important. I've thrown hay bales, chased chickens, moved 90lb drums of honey, and played sports my whole life. I'm from the country and I like it that way. I'm that athletic kid that grew up and I still love to challenge my body. I have to remind myself to do artistic things to keep my mind sharp. It's my number one reason for public speaking and writing this blog.

But what do we do with this new generation? How do we inspire the desire for health when there is no need for physicality past high school? How do you convince someone they need to be energetic and healthy for life when their life and work requires next to zero physical effort. Vanity is not the answer, instead we are shaming our youth and forgetting to put activity into their lives through what they are passionate about.

I'm currently exploring Thailand with the answer.

A group of vloggers and bloggers who have amazing vision, passion, creativity, and a dream to inspire are out there right now experiencing the world. It's the brainchild of Contiki tours, a new way to market and have their product seen through the eyes of this generations leaders. Everything we are doing on the Ultimate Thai Adventure takes some form of baseline fitness, and the desire to go out and make memories.

I can't stress this enough: a fitter nation will be built One Fit City at a time. Those cities need to be filled with people who understand the value of their health, and have a desire to live life with No Regrets. We need a generation that wants to go out and touch the top of a Buddhist Temple, rather than watch someone else do it on The Amazing Race.

Truthfully, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have the potential to be part of what turns fitness around. Chasing down the perfect shoot, and fostering the spirit of adventure.

I'm honoured to be part of this team that is showing what you can easily be doing yourself. The more time I get to spend with these YouTube sensations the more I realize all that they have done is expressed their creativity. Parents if you have trouble inspiring health, or want to foster creativity just show your kids these people. All they do is point a camera and start filming as they do everything from the mundane to the most insane. It's skits that will have you laughing, info about things they love(star wars), and capturing a life lived with excellence. They all simply just started having fun and filming it. The key is that they started. When the camera's are down, they are real people following their creative passions. The whole team here in Thailand looks like this:

Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman : More gorgeous in person, and absolutely what you see in the video is what you get. Deserves all her success, and is one of the most creative performers on the web. Click here for a lot of laughs.

Nadine Sykora: She taught cute how to be cute, and is every girls best friend. Unfortunately this trip will come to an end, and Nadine will be off to her next adventure. I'll be watching on YouTube, same as about 130K other subscribers. One of the smartest girls I have ever met... just don't touch her Canon Camera... she's feisty!

Casie Stewart: No words can describe this girl well enough. There is only one Casie, and I'm so honored to get to work with her, and learn from her. She is business savvy, creative, and on a mission. She also never wears the same clothes twice and I'm not sure how.

The Sunday Fundayz crew: Alexey Lyakh a.k.a. Russia, Parker Heuser, Ryker Gamble. The party never stops, neither does the friendship. Not sure the trip would have been anything close to the same without these three trouble makers. Their career holds great things, and a lot of scrapes and bruises.

Andrew Gunadie: Not to be rude to any of the other bloggers, but Andrew is perhaps the most talented vlogger I've seen on the net. His YouTube video's are made with a lot of love, and a lot of talent. Worth the watch every time.

Corey Vidal, Corrado Coia, and Saskia Vanell are making waves online. Perhaps the most brilliant in cross marketing in the group. Their focus on Star Wars facts to attract loyal followers, and commitment to daily putting up a video on what they have simple "done" that day is brilliant. Now their style is going bigger with the travel and work with Contiki.

Leah Daniels and Tim Deegan: The power couple. Both extremely talent in their own fields. Leah a country music star on the rise, and Tim a seasoned vet in the television and production scene. We were all treated to an impromptu performance of "Sweet Child of Mine" by Leah, and Tim has an eye for creating some of the best footage out there. Put these two in any situation and they will shine.

Samantha Fall : Lots to say about this girl, I won't focus on the fact that she is stunning in person. I will say that she is always having fun, and a vision for telling a story with her camera. This girls got it all, and I got to meet her in Thailand. It's the best place to see what someone is really all about. Follow her story, it's worth it and she tells it perfectly.

Shawna Howson: Does anyone know when the movie "Ben" actually comes out? I think she shot the trailer for the movie. Totally kidding, the trailer in question was "Nanalew" showing off creativity. Creating something from nothing, and making a grander point. The perfect mix of talent, skill with a camera, and funny. Her channel is a can't miss YouTube classic.

Seattle Dredge: A girl with a gypsy heart, and an ear for great rock and roll. Seattle and I have the most in common. We both love to write, and write with passion. This girl is following her dreams and seeing the world. She's out and about seeing it all and writing it all down for a living.

A group of people that have now walked countless miles, climbed hundreds of stairs to see temples, danced all night, and had the most epic walk through a rain downpour that I've never seen. We have all created memories. I'd love to see more youth doing this. There is a satisfaction in life that can only be received by fully engaging in the journey.

My inspiration for this blog came in the middle of our trip (I'm still in Thailand, Koh Samui to be exact). We were on a bike ride through Chiang Mai. The views, the sights, the sounds can not be captured in a picture. I can not stress this enough, people need to see this. It was the moment I got stung by a bee. I realized something in that moment, not only was I surrounded by creativity, but also by friends, family, and the safety of experts. This tour is the perfect way to push my limits and still have the comfort of friends. Turns out I'm not allergic to the stings, but dear God does it hurt.

I'm in a foreign land going on some many adventures that require my fitness. We still have Kickboxing gyms to visit, snorkeling to do, and hundreds of miles of walking left. Ladies and gentlemen, get out there and make memories.

There is nothing special about me, I just really like to see people around me happy. The reason I write, the reason I personal train, the reason I make videos on youtube is all the same. I want to see this world happier and more fulfilled when I leave it.

The take home on this blog is to find your inspiration. It doesn't have to be fitness in the gym, it doesn't have to be long runs out side. This is your life, live it healthy, live it with passion, live it without an ounce of regret. If you lose your health, you lose your ability to get out and experience this world. With all the pictures I have, I have noticed one thing. I can't capture the excitement, the smells, the tastes, and I can't create the full memory. But the pictures take me back. Live a life that pictures take you back to amazing moments.

The bloggers and YouTubers I'm with, well, we see the world the same. If it's on your mind to inspire do what each one of us has done and start. We have representatives from Toronto, Vancouver, and yes, little old me from Winnipeg. There is no reason that you don't start to get out there and use technology to motivate others and keep yourself honest. Funny thing for me, I looked at a lot of my pictures, the food based ones, and realized my diet has been terrible. So I'm making a deal with myself. For the next half of the trip, one meal a day can have deep fried or desert options. Not every meal. I feel into the trap of wanting to try everything! This is an experience, it's not something I will soon forget!


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