05/30/2013 08:23 EDT | Updated 07/30/2013 05:12 EDT

Want to Lose Weight? Make a Meal Plan


A plan of action is really what you need for health.

Not just words on paper, but an action plan that you follow. In some cases that means an accountability group. I went looking for the best online tool I could find to support nutrition.

Nutrition and success in diet has three components. Going and getting your food, and not getting off of task while at the shopping market. Making a list is the best way to get to the store and get out without winding up with a whole bunch of empty calories. When you sit down and make a plan, or get it from an expert, you have to stick to that plan to get results. The first place people make mistakes is at the point of purchase. Honestly, who put the chips, pop and chocolate all together and so tempting?

The next thing is the plan and preparation. Do you have recipes? Are you willing to precook and prepare food? If not, you will be in trouble fast. Having a list of nutritious food, and having the groceries in the house helps nothing if you don't prep and actually eat it. Set aside time Sunday and Wednesday for you to get healthy by cooking meals for two or three days at a time. You can also simply prep and have it ready to cook. Planning is critical to success, and having food ready will save you from snacking on food that gives you back nothing for the calories you consume.

Finally, you have to enjoy what you eat. Don't ever look at this as what you can't have, look at it as what you can have. Find foods that you love, recipes that deliver quality ingredients and a taste that has you planning to serve it again. If you don't enjoy your diet and meal plan you won't stick to it. Focus on the increased energy and confidence that you are feeding your body what it needs.

Here are my top three spots to go for recipes, information and meal plans.

The most complete is Truestar Health's webpage. With a simple free sign up you have access to a meal planner based on your body type. Don't like a meal suggestion? Substitute it for something you like. Once your meals are selected you can print of the recipe list, and a shopping list.

My next go to is Inspired Eat Well. No shopping list, just some amazing recipes to take the guess work out of healthy and tasty eating. The recipes are simple and have all your nutrients covered. It's not interactive, but it will give you all the recipes you can handle. It does have a lot of great video content for those looking to be taught a thing or two in the kitchen.

Lastly are your local government growers and producers. The content here is awesome and it will tell you how to buy and prepare local. My favorite are the Chicken Producers . I find Chicken is hard to make "fascinating" and I get bored with it quick. With all these recipes, and all of them simple and tasty it's easy to stay healthy and on a low calorie high protein diet. Pick your food, and find your local grower. Most of them are there to show you how to use their product to it's fullest.

So there you have it, my three go to websites to make sure I am eating as healthy as I can with as much taste as I can. There is no simple answer, other than make a plan and work the plan.

If you fuel your body, get your sleep, and hydrate your ability to exercise and your energy levels will improve drastically. Remember why we do this, it's to make memories and live life to the absolute fullest. That's how we will change the health of the Nation, One Fit City at a time.

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