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Don't Make Your Health a Resolution, Make it a Lifestyle

If you make a resolution in the typical style, you'll fail. If 2015 truly is the year you want to be healthy, make it a lifestyle.

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If you make a resolution in the typical style, you'll fail. If 2015 truly is the year you want to be healthy, make it a lifestyle.

New year's resolutions have the best intentions, with the worst type of planning. More often than not, it's an emergency type situation.

When else do we decide to drastically change our lives, take on more responsibilities and force change on those around us?

It's a bad idea.

Whether you're looking to improve on an already healthy lifestyle or just beginning your journey, healthy living requires a few things.

1) No time limit

2) No expectations

3) Small changes and appreciation for the results

4) Creativity

Here's what I mean, and for more tips I blog regularly to improve the nation's health, One Fit City at a time.

1) No time limits: if you want to drink milk all year and only make one purchase, buy a cow. Buying a carton of milk is less cost and work, but its going to expire and leave you with nothing. If you want to be healthy make a long term plan. Ideally, health should have no six week fix. No boot camp, no cleanse, no strange diet. Go sit down with an expert and lay out your goals. Hit milestones along the way, but leave no chance that your new life will expire. Go buy a cow, metaphorically. That six week quick fix starting January 1 leaves 42 weeks of feeling like garbage.

2) Set goals -- not expectations: To assume you'll lose 10 lbs after four weeks of diet and exercise is a set up for failure. Set goals, not expectations. The difference is education. You read about Kim Kardashian's four week celebrity make over where she transformed her body, and you expect the same. Its unrealistic. Sit down with a health expert, make a plan, and set goals -- you'll experience success. When we don't meet our expectations we feel like failures. This perceived failure can lead to giving up. A small change in perspective, and your life will be filled with health by 2016.

3) Make small changes: One glass of water for a bottle of pop. Infusing water instead of using fake sweeteners. One planned meal from home instead of take out. Each time you succed, congratulate yourself and take note of the results. A week of one or two daily small changes will have an excellent response by the body. The right fuel and movement will boost your energy and make you feel healthier, so focus on that. Make yourself feel good. Imagine the great things you could do with one more energetic hour each day. You could try calling a babysitter and have a romantic night. You know what I mean.

4) Creativity: what worked for your neighbour may not work for you. If you read through blogs on my website One Fit City, you'll find people who changed their lives by personal training with me. You'll also find tips and tricks I've used in workplaces to create healthier environments and effect change. You won't see any stories from people who came in and failed. And while it has happened, as a brilliant marketer, I only share my successes. There are a lot of options to get healthy. Be mindful of eating proper portions of real food, moving daily, and being happy. What you do to fill in the blanks is up to you.

Keep things really simple. Small changes, and the big picture has to be your health and long term goals. It's really easy to live healthy.

For fun, try some of these recipes from One Fit City and my project in Winnipeg with Birchwood Chevrolet.


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