07/15/2014 12:47 EDT | Updated 09/14/2014 05:59 EDT

Fitness Is as Simple as Putting on Your Shoes and Heading Outside

Two major mistakes we have made in the past 20 years.

1) Exercise has been made out to be difficult and that you need a gym. It used to be play time, or integrated into work.

2) Diet became something that has a lot of rules. It used to be real food, that tasted great. We used to eat food, and the only worry was if we'd burn it or not.

Exercise at this current time is fronted and endorsed by really fit gym goers who love the whole gym atmosphere. The only people you hear and see talk about fitness in the traditional media are personal trainers or these really buff people.

What ever happened to Richard Simmons? Why didn't his love for health, dance, and movement catch on? Richard Simmons had it right. Have fun, move your body, and eat smart.

Let's get back to play. I want people back outside, finding things to do that are fun for them. No worries about physique, weight, or anything other than how your body functions. Your health matters, not much else.

I've been fascinated by the TV show American Ninja. I've been meaning to try something brand new for a while, something that would prove to me that I was fit. I want to do Parkour.

I met Nino at the gym I train at in Winnipeg called Elite Performance, he does parkour. It's the stuff you see kids doing when the run around and jump off of things, jump over things, and climb on walls. It's impressive to watch. We are both at Elite to add the fitness and strength to our daily lives so that we can be better at anything we want to accomplish. Here's Nino doing his thing.

It's a freedom of movement that I had to try, so I asked Nino to teach me. If you head to my Instagram you can see my attempt, it went pretty good. The first day at it I used every single muscle, and I moved the way nature intended. I asked Nino how long he'd been doing parkour, he's 22 and his answer was very clever. It's not when you start, its when did you stop and pick it up again?

When we are kids we climb on things, test our limits by trying to jump from couch to couch. Once fear takes over, we tend to stop climbing. The real world tells us to be overly cautious, and find our fitness in the safety of a florescent lit gym. I'm not saying everyone needs to run out and do Parkour, it's a lot to take in, and it is dangerous. However, I am saying we need to get back to that adventure spirit. We need to explore, and desire to make memories. I learned something from Nino running up walls, climbing to the top of statues I couldn't believe I made it up on. I learned that I love to complete challenges, and it feels fantastic to do something I would have never imagined I could.

*** Just to clarify, Nino and his friends do their Parkour at the "Forks" in Winnipeg. They cleared it with Management and security to ensure they didn't break any by laws or offend anyone. How's that for great kids? Here's some more of Nino in action.

I'm not expecting you to go out and do Parkour, but I do want people to see that fitness is as simple as putting on your shoes and heading outside. Go run, walk, bike, or hike. It doesn't matter, just don't spend your life in front of a TV. You miss the most amazing thing, and that's your body doing what it's designed to do. Move and make memories. If you are parents with kids, encourage them to move and stay young. It's when we stop moving that we age fast, lose creativity and the confidence that we are in control of our destiny.

From movement we move to the next area we have gotten off track: Diet.

If I never hear "I can't have that, I'm on a diet" again I'll be happiest fitness enthusiast on the planet. You can put real ice cream in front of someone, or a pie made from all natural ingredients and someone will say "NO" to it. They will then go have a sugar free, chemical ridden snack from a box. That's on your diet, but a small piece of delicious natural food isn't? I'm not sure I follow, and I am very sure that no self respecting diet expert told you to do that.

You have been fooled by marketing.

Here it is simple for you. Once you find your thing for exercise, walk, yoga, swim, or bike rides. Anything to get moving. Anything to bring back play. Start to eat with these things in mind.

Is it natural? Yes, then enjoy it in small portions

Do I like it? Then have it once in a while and keep it a treat.

Did anyone add sugar to it? Maybe skip it, or find it made without added refined sugar

Could I make it at home? Then do, and enjoy it from your own kitchen.

Is it good for me? There are a ton of benefits to herbs, spices, fruits and veggies. Eat the good stuff

Start to think of your day in 4 to 6 meals. Each meal being 300 - 400 calories. Eat your food with portion control and quality in mind. It's not restriction, it's understanding. You can eat real food, you just have to control yourself when it comes to portion size. Don't worry about super foods, don't worry about carbs, proteins and fats and which one you need more of. Sit down with a food expert, get a simple plan and start enjoying your life again. Lose weight by combining fun and movement, with portion size and real local food.

I really hope that you start to see health as simple, and fun.

Now go run up the side of a building, it's liberating. Makes you feel like a kid again. Or if not, at least go try something new. Make yourself proud of what you can do physically. It's great for your self esteem!


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