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Health and Fitness is Not About Looks

I'm hoping to inspire with this post. My life is being changed with every moment I'm out traveling and enjoying my health. The past week in Thailand, I wake up and take time to reflect on having spent days and weeks in a hospital bed. Then I head outside, and take it all in. The Keith Urban song "Who wouldn't want to be me" keeps playing in my head.

I am simply enjoying my health to it's absolute fullest.

My English teacher used to tell me there are no wrong answers. That sentiment was not echoed in math and science. It's the reason that I took my career into the science of the human body. I like those boarders when it comes to understanding life and my body.

Health is unique as it blends life in with the science of the body with the open boarders of psychology. Those questions and right answers have grey areas. There are no wrong answers when it comes to living your life. I would like to suggest a few things based in science and the fact that your body will react a certain way to movement and activity. The outcome might amaze you.

I'm in Thailand right now, watching, learning, and being inspired as a group of YouTubers do their thing as they check this country out for Contiki Tours. As I sat on the top of a mountain on Koh Nanyuan, and watched 15 or more people climb to the top, i realized the view I was getting can't be seen by everyone. Not just because some people won't travel here, but because the climb was short but difficult. Those stairs and some rocks in sweltering heat were tough to say the least. This picture by Brad Ford of Lilly Singh (AKA Superwoman) proves the worth.

Add to the photo sounds, smells, and feeling the sun and you have my day. The picture is the smallest part of the beauty. It's all the senses together.

The body is an adaptive organism. If you sit around your metabolism, and muscle mass will decrease. That will make it harder for you to get inspired and jump into action, in many cases it will make it impossible. There are so many times that people come to my classes or come to train with me and say "I have a thyroid issue, or I have a slow metabolism". You may very well have the issue, and this is not to make light of metabolic conditions. However, if you have been sitting on the sidelines because of work or what ever reason, your metabolism has slowed probably due to inactivity. More often than not, exercise and healthy eating bring that right back around. Your body will rise to the occasion. Humans thrive on challenge. Your challenge and my challenge my be different but our bodies and minds love to be stimulated. I'm into high intensity intervals and travelling in Thailand. You may want to walk through the park, and simply see your home town. It doesn't matter, just don't sit on the couch and watch others do it and wish it was you.

Your body does not show signs of disease or sickness until it's too late. It's a sad fact, but if you don't take care of your body it will degrade faster. The problem is, your body finds ways to function around problems. Think of heart attacks. There are fully blocked arteries that the body finds ways to by pass. You don't feel any problems until the bodies quick fix can't support the load. Then BANG, heart attack. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more all go undetected by the body. Stress, poor diet and a lack of exercise send your body into illness over drive. Not only do you miss the chance to see the world, you may leave it prematurely. This is not scare tactics, it's science. You need to put time into your body, and wisdom into your food choices.

Our group here in Thailand is being lead by a man we only know as Tour Leader Luke. . It's conversations with him that have opened my eyes to how much my life is being changed. Fitness and travel with a group are both two things that will only bring about positive change in your life. They blend perfectly together.

If you take only one thing away from this blog, let it be this. Health and fitness is not about looks, it can not ever be. Vanity only takes you so far. It has to be about enjoying everything the world has to offer. It is about having the energy and drive to get up and explore. There is nothing that replaces a memory created. I've been saying it a lot in my tweets and in my Instagram. I am not special, I'm a kid from the Manitoba praries, one of my biggest goals in life was to get a Ford F150 and have River City Ford jack it up 3 inches to make my off road travels around Winnipeg a little smoother. I did that, and now I'm working on seeing this world. Not just pictures, but I have touched those sandy beaches, smelt the salt sea air, and felt the sun, sand and wind. The picture is the smallest part of all this. Check out some of my travel mates photos, and then imagine the feeling of being there. After that, book a trip and go!

Tour Leader Luke

Parker from Sunday Fundayz

Nadine Sykora

Lilly Singh - Superwoman

Shauna - AKA Nanalew

Tim Deegan


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