02/13/2014 08:44 EST | Updated 04/15/2014 05:59 EDT

What Taking the Polar Plunge Taught Me About Exercise

Here is another full body workout, to get you full body results. It's followed up with some inspiration on intensity. I'm finding more and more that intensity is the missing link for most people in the gym. Nothing crazy, but a little more would be nice.

You have to be Canadian to understand the right of passage known as "The Polar Bear Plunge." I jumped into the freezing cold water to raise funds for Special Olympics. That inspired me to write this blog on how important heart rate is, and the joy of sport.

It appears cold cold water adversely affects both heart rate and the ability to breath, although you can't tell from the picture. I just wanted proof I was outside in -25C weather, shirtless. My weight, hair, and swimsuit also support the fact that I indeed jumped into freezing cold water.

I was really grateful for my first solid full deep breath after getting out of the water. Not too mention the feeling that my body was returning back to normal as far as blood flow and mental functions. I was really happy that I am normally extremely healthy, and I enjoy my health.

I made a memory, thanks to Special Olympics Manitoba, and if you have been reading my blog you'll know it's the reason I do anything fitness related. Health is meant to be enjoyed, workouts need to be a little uncomfortable in order to get results. I'm working with Elite Performance in Winnipeg to take my workouts to the next level. As a strength coach who tells people to use a trainer to ensure they get the most out of their workouts, I decided to do the same. You can follow along as the blog appears on TSN. Read along as Jeff Fisher helps me take my training to a whole new level. My goal is to be able to keep up with World Series of Fighting title contender Jesse Taylor in April as he prepares to enter the cage on NBC.

I realize that this is not for everyone. The training I'll be doing is some of the highest level and the sport of MMA doesn't appeal to everyone. That is not the point.

What I need more people to do is realize that fitness takes effort. My appreciation at the Polar Bear Plunge for a good deep breath, and the return to a healthy normal made me realize. My fitness training, and the time I have spent in the gym has not been wasted.

I work in gyms, and I regularly see people go for 20 minute walks, then do bicep curls, finish with situps and head home. This is where the conversation really begins.

Going to the gym and not putting any effort in will not change your body. The gym doorway is not some magical teleportation device to fitland. You still have to do the work to get the changes. It doesn't have to be more time, but it has to have some intensity. It also has to be coupled with nutrition.

If you want to see more health, notice a difference(polar bear plunge or not) in your breathing and heart rate then you need to do these two things starting immediately.

Put more intensity in your workouts

Eat healthy portion sizes of whole, nutritious food.

I'll keep putting up workouts in video form. I'd love for you to share them with friends. You can also find recipes and ideas for healthy living here, and feel free to message me for ideas on supplements and ideas to take your health to that optimal level.

If you have questions and comments feel free to post them below, I try to get to most of them. My goal is to continue to give my two cents on how to return this Nation to health, One Fit City at a time.


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