03/14/2014 12:19 EDT | Updated 05/14/2014 05:59 EDT

My Goal: To Change the Health of the Nation

My goal is to change the health of the nation, One Fit City at a time. With a new website just around the corner and a focus on my hometown of Winnipeg. I'm putting a big push on telling people about healthy eating. It can be easy to prepare, delicious, and it will change your energy level and your health.

I'll be taking people into the kitchen, and with help, will make people understand just how important food is. Also, how easy it is to cook healthy.

There is no way to get around it. Nothing will change if your eating doesn't. My next article on the Huffington Post is going to be about the joy of protein. I wanted today to be a very simple article about your body's basic needs.

Every hormonal, metabolic and immune function is related to the food you eat. If you don't eat healthy, you don't have the nutrients to fuel these functions and they begin to slow. Fill your body with preservatives and man-made chemicals and you illicit the inflammatory response, as well as creating an acidic environment in the body

Grouchy all the time?

Can't Sleep?

Out of energy?

Trouble losing weight?

Fix it by cleaning up your diet. Eat local, slow down and enjoy your meals, and make sure you take the time to prepare your own food. It is amazing what it will do for your body. Eat your vegetables.

I'm going to be putting a lot more recipes up on Instagram. More importantly, I'll be giving workouts to try and food ideas out on my Facebook Page for One Fit City. All I want is to get the word out. Change your life by simply slowing down, eating healthy, and getting active. This is your health we are talking about! It's worth the change.

If you have questions, ask me on facebook. Need a meal plan? Grab one here, for free. If you sign up for a meal plan, expect a follow up e mail from me. I'm gong to change the Nation.