03/20/2014 11:49 EDT | Updated 05/20/2014 05:59 EDT

High Protein Recipes Don't Have to Taste Bad. Try These Three Delicious Ones

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you protein, the most misunderstood macronutrient.

It's a building block, and the backbone to hormonal function in the body. There is nothing wrong with carbs or fat, you need them in your diet too. The problem is, carbs and fat are easy to find. Worse carbs and fat taste amazing, and are easier to cook with. Or so you think!

This blog is going to have some of the best recipes I've ever tasted! Protein powder will not bulk you up, it's not a magic powder. It is a supplement to ensure your body has what it needs to be healthy.

When I start with clients, I find a lot of them lacking in protein consumption. In fact, most don't eat a good source of protein until dinner.

Let me build the story up a little first. Then I'll hit you with something amazing to try. Just want a few recipes. Skip down to the pictures below.

My career has me helping top athletes perform better. I'm a strength coach by trade. I took that knowledge, and love of exercise and started working with the general population. You see, athletes have fun in the gym. They do balancing exercises, jump around, run, and play. It's not exercise because they have to it's exercise because they want to. It's exercise to improve their life. That's what I want people to see. It's as simple as walking and stretching, with the goal of doing more as you lose weight. Success is in the progression.

I recently started a blog on TSN.CA . It's all about my latest training adventure. My dream is to connect personal trainers and strength coaches together. Ensure that all gyms and fitness centers work together, spread the message of fun, and functional fitness. It was this mission that brought me to Elite Performance Center in Winnipeg. I've accomplished a lot, worked with a ton of athletes. Jeff Fisher has more than a decade of experience on me. Meaning, he's seen a lot more, and has the experience to teach me a thing or two.

I never ever pass up a chance to learn.

The environment at his gym is outstanding, and I'm talking with a lot of athletes there. Everyone at Elite is in the building to get better. Every day, every session. Not only typical football, hockey, soccer, and volleyball athletes, but if you follow my writing here on the Huffington Post, you'll see me getting a new appreciation for the sport of fitness competition and bodybuilding.

Jeff Fisher builds champions. Those champions learn tricks to get lean. Getting lean is what we all want

This dog is learning new tricks. Thanks to the Elite Nation, and their #Relentless lifestyle(check it out on twitter). So as I get "Fight Fan Fit" on TSN.CA, I'm able to teach you all a few things.

Now the recipes: Enter Cellucor brand ambassador, registered massage therapist, published Bikini Model, and amazing clean eating cook Crissy Zachanowich. She is proof that your recipes do not have to be boring check out these Instagram beauties.

Try these three recipes - We have breakfast, snack and dinner covered for you. Your job is to eat two more healthy meals. I may even be able to help you there as well. Feel free to message me on Facebook for an amazing meal planner.

Recipe #1 - Protein Pancakes

Recipe #2 - Green Smoothie

Recipe #3 - Because we don't eat enough fish