04/22/2014 06:36 EDT | Updated 06/22/2014 01:59 EDT

When Was The Last Time You Did Something For Yourself?

What is the last thing you did for yourself?

A spa day? A meal of things you like? A small vacation? Can you remember a day that you did something for you?

It's shocking how few people can. We know we should, so why don't we?

I'm on a mission with One Fit City to make sure people realize that they can get simple ideas.

Meal Plans -- I've been connecting people with help via skype and google hangouts

Youtube videos for fitness and healthy cooking

Inspirational Stories -- I really want to start featuring more stories on "How" people change their lives.

I really wish people understood the importance of themselves. Time away from working for someone else, or a companies dream. Time away from getting things done for another person. Time to make sure you are taken care of.

Funny thing about doing that, is it makes you better at taking care of others. This is what the gym is too me. It's the reason I stop in at Yoga/Joga. I choose foods, and take time out to eat properly to make sure I'm my best. That way, if I am doing a presentation, writing, or doing a television appearance, I can truly do my best work.

Not days away, I steal minutes. I look at 24 hours and ensure at 1/3 of it is completely mine. 7 hours of sleep, and 1 hour of exercise. Feel free to ask me for time during the other 16 hours. If no one has a demand on my time, I do put the extra into more fitness. That's just me, and that is what I love. I kickbox, I do circuits, some times I just lift weights because I want to see how strong I can get. That's the extra stuff I can do because:

1) I do fitness for a living

2) I don't have kids

It takes time away from work, and family to be your best around them. It takes a plan and commitment to that plan to make sure you are always ready to be your best.

If I had my dream for this nation come true, exercise wouldn't be a "thing", it would be part of the day. I'd love to see this whole world plan health into their life. Heading to bed instead of watching TV. Drinking water because it's available and accessible. Relaxing and enjoying the extra time created by technology. Eating real food that is locally grown and nutrient rich.

What if everyone woke up in the morning and got an easy jog in. Just 20 or 30 minutes to ensure their body was wide awake. Follow that up with a little 30 minute Yoga session at lunch to unwind and focus on a solid afternoon. You can take the second half of lunch to eat an amazing salad with a protein source. Then at night, come home and be active. If it's something you like to do, head to the gym and get a quick and intense circuit going. If you aren't into that, simply getting out and walking the day off would be amazing. Top that off with a meal that fuels recovery and gets the body ready for another great day.

This type of life will keep you lean and healthy looking. It's not going to land you a cover shot on a magazine. That's a sport and whole different training. I'm still not sure why it's our "picture of health", but our society tends to value the wrong things when it comes to fitness.

We forget why we do all these things. We don't eat vegetables because we have to, and exercise is not a punishment. Both those things make our body function at it's highest level. If you want health, and you want to be awesome eat your veggies and move with enthusiasm every day.

Do very simply things, and do them for you. Taking care of your body ensures you can go out and have adventures and make memories. It ensures you have the energy to run kids around to all their events. Exercise and nutrition will make sure all the hours you spend working are productive.

It doesn't have to be things you hate. Explore, find recipes, try different exercise programs, make sure you find your healthy life. There are so many options.

I promise, when you find a routine that gets you moving and eating healthy you will have more energy, and more focus. Doing small things will improve your life dramatically.