09/11/2014 05:18 EDT | Updated 11/11/2014 05:59 EST

How To Get Back To Nature and Live an Adventure

We have a major disconnect. It's human's from nature. I strongly believe that it's that disconnect that is causing us to be inactive and to eat unhealthy.

We no longer have to be physical to survive, we can pay someone else to do just about anything. That means we can get by with being inactive and never notice our weaknesses until it's too late. We also are so far from the farm and the collection of food that we have no concept of what food is. Our bodies are designed to live off of things we harvest(you can be completely healthy as a vegan), or from things we hunt(You can be healthy with smart decisions on animal products). The problem is, we don't hunt and gather any more. We don't see food, so when someone tells us with awesome marketing what healthy is, we buy it.

We see sexy, six packs and it's associated with diet pills, or "low fat" products and we buy them. It's not food, it's a food product.

My challenge to you is to get back to nature a little bit more. I wrote this after going camping, and enjoying some of the best views in Canada. I found out about a rental program from Mountain Equipment Co-op. MEC can make it easy for someone who doesn't normally get out and interact with Nature to do just that. They can also connect you with a guide if you aren't comfortable outdoors. It is just like a personal trainer, if you are not sure what to do, learn the skills the right way from an expert. The experience will be more fun, and rewarding. Not too mention safe, because yes, there are bears in the forrest. Go live an adventure and take some pictures like these. The memory that goes with the picture is with it. The sights, sounds, smells and the texture of being outdoors is so good for the soul.

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What you see when you go outside in Canada
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Once you have explored the great outdoors, and been active try visiting a farm. Get local produce, become less mechanical in your purchases. The great thing about raw carrots, kale, or spinach is that they don't have a label. They just have really good stuff that your body needs to be alive and functioning in excellence.

Make simple choices, and try local food. You'll be surprised what a trip to something other than your local grocery store can get you. In my Hometown of Winnipeg I like to visit a store called Vita Health: Fresh Market. They have local produce, but they have staff that are passionate about wellness and whole foods. So when I run out of ideas, someone there is willing and able to talk to me about cooking squash that's in season, or how to get the most out of my herbs and spices.

We need to get back to learning how to cook with what the ground gives us. Then add to that a little bit of science(Hot Sauce) to the mix. It's got to be simple, because what we are doing right now has more than 50% of the population obese or over weight, and it has preventable diseases leading the charts on how we die.

My hope is that more people join me on a mission to be more authentic in our lifestyles. I'm a wellness consultant in workplaces. I look fit, but I'm not cover model ready. I found that lifestyle kept me from having a lot of fun. Body image needs to change to have us looking like we could run 3 miles at any time, but eat a pizza on a Wednesday night with friends. We have lost balance in our lives. It's my goal, and my Nation wide mission with One Fit City to restore that.

Let's bring back fun, outdoor activity, real food, and a sense of community. Nothing weird, no hippies or anything. Just a nation of people who want to be healthy, avoid the hospital and make memories.

Feel free to follow my journey on Twitter or Instagram @FitCityJordan. I'd love the support