11/04/2014 11:29 EST | Updated 01/04/2015 05:59 EST

How Workplaces Can Get Their Employees Into Solid Shape

You ever think to yourself "I'm way better than my co-worker". Well, e-mail them this post and show them by the numbers why you are.

Let's say everyone starts this world at the same 100 per cent ready for the day, high level of mental function. For the sake of my rude article, let's say everyone is equal.

- Being 3-5 per cent dehydrated will reduce your mental focus and ability to problem solve up to 15 per cent. That means before you are even thirsty, you drop down to 85 per cent.

- Being chronically tired, or sleep deprived can reduce your mental effectiveness -- that means less than 5 hours a night regularly. Your addiction to following Jimmy Fallon with a few cat videos on YouTube brings you down. Studies show drops as high as 30 per cent to your problem solving ability. Functioning at 55 per cent of your best right now.

- Booze is a killer. It can take 24-36 hours to get rid of the effects of a hangover and return to your regular self. If you drink too much Sunday and Wednesday you are at your best for only 30 per cent of the days of the week. It also takes an average person 10 hours to remove alcohol from the system fully. So, you go out for drinks till midnight and you are starting the day with alcohol in the system.

- Sedentary people lose a lot as well. No workouts, and simply sitting on the side lines means you drop that metabolism as well as your mental focus. I couldn't find any good studies or numbers for this, but we all know it's true. Other than being slowed right down and having your immune system reduced. I did find that inactive people take up to 60 per cent more sick days. You not showing up to work makes you 100 per cent ineffective.

- You're on a low carb diet? Great. Your brain only uses carbohydrates as fuel. Without sugars you actually cant form a thought. I threw this one in because you may work in an office with "that guy, or that girl". The one everyone thinks is "buff". If they aren't doing it right, they may be low carb dieting. Have a conversation with a pro bodybuilder a few days out from a show. They can't form thoughts or do simple problem solving. Your brain needs sugar. Get it from fruits and vegetables. Also, grab quinoa and start using it, it's truly awesome brain fuel.

There you have it, people who take their wellness seriously, like you who are reading this, perform better. It's a scientific fact, if you participate in workplace wellness you are a better employee. I'd also suggest if you want to do less work at your office, be part of the team to motivate people to be awesome. You getting your co workers healthy means they show up to work as often, and as awesome as you. That means you sort of clone yourself, and wouldn't it be awesome to have more people like you running around?

Solid workplaces win awards, and get the best applicants. So employers, let's get working together and make this health thing a top down initiative. That's the emphasis behind Wellness Works, the initiative from Minister Sharon Blady and the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce. National Leasing is one of their best examples as a successful healthy workplace.