09/05/2013 06:00 EDT | Updated 11/04/2013 05:12 EST

Why You Need to Push Physical Limits

Every once in a while I like to mix things up and talk about high performance training and creating a body that can do amazing things. This is one of those times, and it's inspired by Doug Brown, former CFL standout and all star.

Doug wrote a struggling defense, and it got me thinking. Once you reach the pinnacle of performance what motivates you?

I've had the pleasure of training some of the most elite athletes in the UFC, CFL, and NHL. I have seen everything from injury returns, to all star break out performances. Doug himself trained with Elite Performance in Winnipeg while playing, and continues there to this day. The question is why?

I can't speak for Doug on this, and so I'll leave it as his article was my inspiration to write what I have seen.

Every year that I run, lift weights, or try to find a way to stay healthy is another year that I avoid the hospital. It's a morbid thought, this is all going to end one day, but I never want to hear a doctor say "if you had just put a little more effort into your health, you wouldn't have had to be here." I was sick once as a child, that's enough for me. I'll avoid going back at all costs, no offense to the amazing Doctors and Nurses who took care of me at Winnipeg Children's Hospital. The experience sucked.

Most people's journey becomes a mixture of high performance, and the need to keep the health journey exciting. It becomes a test of will, and the belief that if I go to the gym regularly with a plan, I will be able to continually improve and expect more of myself. It's defeating boredom, staying active and using your health and physically ready body to meet challenges. It's why I have Explore Canada book marked. If there is an adventure, I'm ready for it. That's my motivation, always ready, always making memories.

I want to finish life strong.

The problem according to Doug Brown right now in Bomber land is a lack of aerobic capacity to finish the fourth quarter with the power that they entered the first quarter with. It's a given, you will run out of energy when you pour your soul into a performance. Just like a football game, I want to leave this world with as much jump in my step as I can. I need to make the most out of every day I can. Making memories is really all we get to do here. We can fall in love, travel, and raise families. All of those things take energy. Energy that challenging the body and fueling it properly brings.

So why bother with the pushing your limits and being uncomfortable? Why bother driving past fast food restaurants only to go home and eat what you need. Why spend you'er extra money on supplements to ensure your body is full of vitamins and minerals?

You get one shot at this life, you can stand out, see everything, fall in love, run and play, or you can let your body fall into that trap of a slow decay.

This article isn't for those just starting. This article is for those truly looking for something more in their life. This is when I tell people why I love sports. Are they role models for life? Not always. They are role models for pushing every physical limit, getting knocked down and getting up again.

Here is where I offer ideas on things to try.

1) Set up a meal plan, include 4-5 meals everyday and supplements to ensure maximum fuel for the body. Unsure what to eat? I'd love to answer your questions. The goal, stick to it for the long term. This isn't a "diet" it's your new diet plan. This is what you are going to eat because you want your body to be around and healthy a long time.

2) Test yourself in the gym. Literally. The football world has the combine. I like to test how long it takes to run a mile and a half, do 20 push ups, 10 chin ups, 20 squats with my body weight on a bar, and 15 burpees. Set that bench mark, or make up your own test. Then work to make your time better every 90 days.

3) Don't be satisfied, be proud. There is always more work to be done. You can be proud of what you have accomplished. I want people to continue to push. Find new challenges, teach your body new tricks.

4) Train different. In a year, I do a little bit of everything. Use body building, functional training, sprint training, plyometrics. Keep your body on it's toes, and keep moving forward. Get a team around you. Have a physiotherapist, nutritionist, sports doctor, personal trainer, and massage therapist ready if you need. Spend money to stay healthy and stay current on the latest research.

Treat yourself like an athlete, enjoy every day on this planet. Leave your mark, change some lives, have some fun... yes Doug, that's what I got out of your article.

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