08/28/2013 05:04 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Get Back in the Fitness Groove This September

Did you make a New Year's resolution? Weight loss is all the rage January 1. Everyone decides to get healthy, change their lifestyle, make this the year they take care of their health. We all know how that goes -- gyms are packed for three weeks. Grocery stores are sold out of "healthy options" and the world is doing the best they can, until February. Then everyone goes back to routine, and forgets why they said anything January 1.

Then the beach season shows up. May is full of routines designed to get you "beach ready in six weeks." Starvation diets, fast acting fads and cardio...lots and lots of cardio. Things that after six weeks everyone hates and gives up on, they are in the best shape they can be given that they did nothing since January.

I was watching Chris Powell getting some fantastic results on Extreme Weight Loss. It's one of the few TV shows about weight loss I watch because it takes the full year and it educates those who they document. I came to this conclusion.

You need to stop every fad you are doing, every broken promise, and start getting educated. The top trainers, and fitness products out their look at things in easy to digest 90 day cycles. It's the same as any top performing corporation. Microsoft doesn't resolve January 1 to make more profits then forget it by February. Your health is a full lifetime commitment.

September is the next biggest commitment time for people. I hear it all the time "I'm back to my routine, kids are in school, work is normal, I'm getting back to fitness."

If you struggle with weight, health issues due to inactive lifestyle or just want to become the healthiest version of you, use September as a catalyst. Find a trainer and support system and instead of promising yourself this time it's different, make it different.

I'm on a mission to make the Nation healthy, One Fit City at a time. Here is how I kick things off.

Set a year long goal, and break it up into 90 day manageable phases

Sit down with a trainer and turn those 90 days into daily and weekly "must do" activities

Clean out your cupboards at home, talk with a nutritionist and restock wisely

Tell your friends, and family about your goals. Enlist some help from them and make your mission public. It will keep you on track. Use social media, and a blog to stay on track.

Work hard, sweat, and enjoy the journey for you. This is about your health, not anything else for anyone.

There is no reason to go another year unhealthy. The joy of your body is you can get your health back with focus and education. Plug in to the right training facilities and programs. Live your life and be healthy to make memories. Be fit enough to go out and travel, see the world, and climb to the top of any mountain you want. Your workout doesn't have to be in a gym, but you do have to love it and have fun!

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