12/10/2013 08:13 EST | Updated 02/09/2014 05:59 EST

Read This Only If You Want to Reach Your 2014 Health Goals

Read this blog only if you want to be successful in the New Year with your health goals.

This is the start of the Resolution Revolution. I want to get the attention of anyone who will be making a Resolution to lose weight. Let's make it successful this time. You need a team around you, and you need a plan.

I took this photo of Brooke Richtik and Tammy Ducharme to prove a point. Focused hard work will always produce results. These two work out side by side with me at Snap Fitness in Winnipeg (I'm a trainer, not a photographer).

Check out these two photos for a little inspiration.

Tammy doing an assisted chin up

Brooke showing off her muscles and loving it!

There is not much difference between an athlete and someone that has been inactive for years. Both bodies will adapt to a challenges set before them. The only thing to remember is that you will need to adjust the intensity level, and ease into high performance. If you are an athlete, remember you can conquer any challenge physically but don't forget to take your rest, that's when you adapt and grow.

Your body will not change over night. The expectation for fast change is where I lose both regular Joes and high performance pros. You need a plan.

I created a program that I use with my clients. It revolves around their workouts having a complete plan. They incorporate Compound exercises, Explosive movements, Rotational skills, and Targeted core training. They are not done until they are CERTified done. The concept stays the same, the intensity changes. When you step into a gym, think of these things. Do you hit all these markers?

Compound -- Multi joint exercises that get more muscle mass involved. Think squat before leg extension. Chest Press on the ball, over a pec dec.

Explosive -- Burpees, jump squats, skipping, and drills that get your heart rate going fast. If you are new to exercise, ease into this and feel free to stop before the prescribed set and reps are done. You need to push limits, but never on the first day, or the first 6 weeks. Your body needs time to adapt. There comes a time when you have to learn to push through discomfort, but do that only once you are comfortable with your body and learn the difference between pain and gain. Best idea is to work with a good trainer

Rotational -- For too long, bodybuilding ruled the market place. Most people go to the gym and train linear. Straight up and down. Start training your body the way you move. It's the definition of functional fitness. Look for ways to move and balance while training. It makes the training more fun, and makes you ready for daily life, or sport if that's your goal.

Targeted Core -- Not just sit ups. Exercises designed to challenge stability, endurance, and strength. Find ways to add weight or resistance to your program not extra reps. Would you grab 5lb weights and do bicep curls until you can't move your arms? Or would you up the weight and stay to the 10-12 rep range (or whatever the count). Your abs are a muscle just like any other. Treat them as such and watch your core strength soar.

In reality, I'm not a fan of resolutions. I'm a fan of plans. That's the reason to use CERTified training with clients. I have a plan and a concept to run through. People instinctively get into the place where they start to make life altering decisions around the New Year. You won't change the big picture if you try to change everything at once. The approach needs to be small, meaningful changes regularly. Once they stick, add new goals.

If you have a dream, you can set goals to reach it. You can stay on the path to your goals by having regular check ins. Break your dream/resolution down to goals, work toward the goals with daily plans of action. Stay on track, and make sure you absolutely know what's important. For me, it's staying out of the hospital when it comes to my health journey. Tell friends and family what you are doing, and hire a trainer or a team around you.

Before the New Year hits know where you are going to train and have your team ready. Empty your cupboards and be ready in the kitchen(where most changes are created). Have a date selected in 90 days from Jan. 1 where you will review your goals and your path. If you are on track, great, continue and rework your goals to increase your performance. If you are off the mark, sit down with someone to perfect the process. This review will keep you from being on of the millions who will fail at their resolution.

Make your plan, and ensure you don't leave the gym until you CERTified done. Here's some ideas from Chelsea Carey that can be found in the Pursuit of High Performance Series. Produced thanks to River City Ford in Winnipeg. Add these exercises into your routine.


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