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Why Losing 10 Pounds Is the New Six-Pack

Fitness experts used to promise people a six-pack if we wanted to get them to buy something fitness related. The fitness of the nation has deteriorated so much that people know they are a long way from a six-pack. That's why the basis of weight loss company Visalus' top-tier success is a brand new "Project 10" program.

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Losing your gut could actually save your life. Every ten pounds you lose makes a huge difference according to Dr. Oz

As a personal trainer, obsessed with getting this nation back to health, I get to as many seminars and information nights as possible. February 10 Nick Sarnicola was speaking in my hometown. He is one of the Co-Founders and Cheif Sales Officer for Visalus Sciences.

I like to think that it is hard to "out passion" me when it comes to the obesity crisis. I think Nick did just that. Two points that he made had my jaw hit the floor. According to Nick at this seminar "For the first time in the history of the world there are more overweight people than there are malnourished people." He also said that Visalus was the second largest weight-loss product sales company in North America, right behind Weight Watchers. The man knew his numbers, his audience and his target market.

The basis of their top tier success is a brand new "Project 10" program. It's why I am saying ten pounds may be the new six-pack. Fitness experts used to promise people a six pack if we wanted to get them to buy something fitness related. The fitness of the nation has deteriorated so much that people know they are a long way from a six-pack.

What Visalus has done that is unique is create a support structure using friends and family to get people losing weight. With two-thirds of the population being overweight or obese, this plan of attack and sales numbers encourage me.

After the seminar, I needed to let people know that there are options that have support. I chose to write about Nick, his company and his passion. A little more research turned up video proof of people losing the weight. Visalus is utilizing social media to get the word out. Another key point from Nick Sarnicola's seminar.

Visalus is more commonly known for it's program the "Body By Vi 90 days challenge." They hit all the major motivating factors on the head. It's a multi-level marketing company, so if you follow their program there is a chance to make extra income(money motivates).

Second, is group support. They encourage people to get friends and family together to do the challenge together. Of course, this is two-fold. Multi-level marketing and creating your own support structure. All of your success can be posted, tweeted and video-taped for the world to see.

I am all for this plan of attack. It is something brand new, and it utilizes all the tools out there. We have created an epidemic of obesity. Something new has to be done to stop it.

Here is what we know works, and what you should look to do to get weight loss in your life: First, make a plan and set short-term goals. This works in all parts of your life, weight loss is no different. Businesses work in quarters, schools hand out report cards, your weight loss needs time frames.

Second, find support. Going through it alone means a higher chance at failure. Third, make it public. Tell your friends, use Facebook and Twitter, tell people about what you are doing. It adds even more accountability. That first ten pounds will make your life so much easier, and longer. It's not the quantity of years, it's the quality.

I got motivated by Nick Sarnicola on a lot of levels at his seminar. So much so that I am going to use all my social media outlets to promote the 90-day challenge. It's setting records in business, has a long track record as a product for quality and there are thousands of people doing exactly what I want them to do losing weight and making the Nation fit, One Fit City at a time.

Are you up for the challenge?

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