12/20/2013 08:25 EST | Updated 02/19/2014 05:59 EST

Why Staying in Bed Longer is Good For You

Do you laugh, sleep and relax enough?

It's funny, I'm a personal trainer so people automatically assume things about me. Usually, none of them are true. I exercise to free hormones to be happier, everything else that happens is simply a bonus. I don't mind being lean, it really has it's benefits. All I am trying to do in life is avoid being in the hospital prematurely.

I drive to the gym early, on the way I listen to the Ace Burpee Show strangely not for the music, but for the laughs. The show has me in fact, laughing out loud. I take that laughter through the day. Happy to be alive is the best state to be in. Low stress allows you to put more effort out, and get better results in the gym. Worries take your focus away from excellence and put it on the clock. The old expression "time flies when your having fun" is so true. Not does stress make your workout seem like a grind, cortisol is a stress hormone, it packs fat around the stomach. It's not a scientific fact, but I'm pretty sure that listening to Ace Burpee helps get a six pack. Seriously though, more peoples day's need to include laughter early on. It's not always easy, but changing your mind and being happy is amazing for your health. Surround yourself with positive people.

I've said it many times before in my blogs. Sleep is so underrated for health. I was recently talking with the owners of Your Next Place in Winnipeg. Not many people take into consideration their bedrooms when finding their home. They look at kitchens, bathrooms, living space and closets. Few people's top thoughts go to the room they will spend most of their time at home. I actually love reading magazines about decorating, and focus in on the bedroom. It's the place where the most recovery, and repair take place. Sleep is actually one of the most amazing things our body does. It completely shuts down to new experiences in order to repair, and create lasting memories of our past experience. We don't spend enough time creating a bedroom, or plans to spend enough time there in order to fully recover from life. Sleep, and the room we do it in needs our full attention. If you want to get to the gym, be more active or enjoy the ability to control hunger cravings, you need sleep!

Last is relaxation. Please do this more. Honestly, find ways to just be in a state where you don't think about anything other than how great it is to be alive. Take deep breaths with no where else you need to be, but right there in the moment. Don't check Facebook to see how great your friends life is, they're lying. Don't tweet about how perfect your moment is, it's yours and you don't need to share it. Don't Instagram it with the hopes of getting the most likes so people know how great your moment is. Just start to be ok and relaxed by yourself. Dream dreams, think thoughts, and begin to find yourself. Relax and let life melt away. Personally I love massages, and yes this country boy loves a pedicure (you will see me Instagram those, I think it's awesome). Find somewhere that you can be you, worry free, and happy. Then let stress just melt away.

We are far too focused these days on having things, we forget that we have ourselves. Not to be selfish, but to realize that inside of you is everything you need to be happy. Your workouts, job, and family life will take on so much more meaning when you find time to Laugh, Sleep, and Relax. It's a huge part of healthy living. More than exercise!


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