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Three Social-Media Supported Fitness Trends to Try

If you are looking to have the healthiest summer of your life there are three things I want you to try. Each one is supported by social media.

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If you are looking to have the healthiest summer of your life there are three things I want you to try. Each one is supported by social media.


Not saying you need to be a vegan, but our nation eats way too much meat and animal products. I love the fact that we have food in excess, and count my blessings daily. We have begun to take that for granted, though. Our food over-consumption, and lack of respect for what food can do FOR or AGAINST our bodies is troublesome. We are actually causing ourselves disease with our lack of discipline and lack of education on food. I would love to see the world go at least one day a week without meat. If it was up to me, we'd all limit meat considerably and take at least two days off a week from any animal products.

Our bodies need the rest. Make small changes when you are ready. Nothing major -- a new meal here, a day without pop there. Nothing needs to happen fast, and you don't need to "hate your diet." Trust me, it's not bad. I'm a kid from the country, I shoot guns, I get my Ford truck covered in dirt, and I won't eat food I don't like. I still eat cinnamon buns and pizza. Just not every single time I crave it. It makes the food taste better when I eat it, and it makes me healthier. I never want to be in a hospital bed because of something I could have prevented.

If I can figure out good recipes, so can you. Here's a few from my Instagram account.


This summer, just get outside. It's as simple as running. Feel free to go enjoy the world around you. I chose this hashtag as one to follow because there will be six filmmakers setting out to capture a young man's journey as he runs 3,000 miles across America from Brooklyn, New York to Newport Beach, California.

They'll be on the road for over two months, putting out a weekly documentary web series as they go along. The end goal is to raise scholarship money and awareness for underprivileged youth in America. Carlos is both an award-winning marathon runner and filmmaker from Mexico, raised in California. At 29 years old, his journey can inspire you to simply get out and move. Being outside is truly freeing, it's what we were meant to do. You don't have to run far, you don't have to even run. Just move, walk, bike, hike and run if you choose.


I don't go to yoga classes on a regular basis. I don't do poses everyday. However, I use yoga every damn day. I found something missing the more I went to yoga. It's what happens as soon as something becomes a popular fitness "thing." People make it about weight loss, it loses it's soul, and then it becomes a shell of the amazing super weapon it could be.

Yoga isn't about poses, you get it when you meet someone who's found their center. The person that can go through life, pause and find beauty, take deep breaths, and look to what really matters. Being flexible doesn't connect you to anything. Deep breathing doesn't connect you to anything. Going to a class in a dimly lit room, with traditional music doesn't connect you to anything.

Taking time to connect, find purpose for your actions, and move through life with design. That's what yoga is supposed to be. Do that every damn day. Searching the hashtag on Instagram brings up some cool pictures, but the idea of relaxing, getting in tune with your body. That's what I would love to see people do. Turn off your phones, unplug, return to being human. The poses, the breathing, and finding a good place and teacher to practice with are all tools to make sure you simply tune in to the world. When you have those moments of a pose, mental state, breathing, and intention you'll understand it better. It's not about weight loss, so let's take yoga back.

Long story short:

  • Eat better and make it real food... just a little less meat.
  • Move more. Run if that suits you, hit the gym if you like. Ride a bicycle, hike a new trail, or just walk.
  • Get unplugged and back to centered.

Doing all that is how we get this nation back to health, and how we build #OneFitCity.

Love to see your journeys and connect with you on Twitter. @FitCityJordan


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