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Building a Better Body (No Sugar Added)

Would you build a healthy body with sugar and additives? Well, you shouldn't! But we do it all the time, and that's what today's post is all about: how to build a body that functions properly and is full of energy -- NO SUGAR ADDED.

If you built a castle, would you use bubble gum and gummy bears?

The question is not hypothetical, and I'm not talking about a fairy tale world. I mean actually.

The correct answer is that you wouldn't, because you can't; it's not possible. Why? Because those things are not the building blocks of a stable structure. They are very delicious, no doubt, but they have nothing to do with the make up of a building.

Now to the human body. Would you build a healthy body with sugar, and additives? Well, you shouldn't! But we do it all the time, and that's what today's post is all about: how to build a body that functions properly and is full of energy -- NO SUGAR ADDED.

There are a lot of myths out there, a lot of them center around food and nutrition. As a trainer I find most people just need to take a few days meet a few professionals and create a plan.

There seems to be confusion as to what we should put in our bodies. With all the media out there, it looks as if the info is contradictory at times. The fact is, it's a mixture of different strokes for different folks and the need for media to constantly put out health stories. Those regular updates sometimes go into more depth than needed (inundating us with nutrition advice) or have research that is brand new and unproven (trying to break new ground). In both cases, it can leave the regular folks a little confused.

Here is what I do with every single client I have, whether he or she is a pro athlete or first time exerciser. The human body is a wonderful machine, and it behaves similarly no matter who's behind the wheel. My blog has the story of five women on totally separate weight loss journeys. The blog sets out exactly what these women are doing, including the supplements and brands they take and how they exercise. You would be surprised how simple the plan can be. The hard part is implementation. That's where you need a support group.

Getting plugged in to the right information early is critical. That also means finding a team in your city. Find a nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and personal trainer to ask questions and see regularly. Also, if exercise isn't your "thing," get plugged in to a class or a group.

Once you found your place, start with the goal to cover the health basics. It is always food first, then supplement to ensure optimal health.

A multi-vitamin will ensure your vitamin and minerals are at their optimal levels. Chose a product that gets interdependently reviewed, and rates high in complete content and bio-availability. The product will cost more than something typical and mass-produced vitamin off the shelves, but your body will use it and you will feel the quality in your sleep patterns, energy levels, sex drive, and cognitive function. Don't worry about grabbing every single vitamin and trying to fix yourself. This is where a doctor and nutritionist work well together. If you are feeling "off," see one or even both.

At your next check-up, tell your doctor how you feel and get a full work-up done. Keep a food journal for a week and give that to a nutritionist. Between the two, they will be able to figure out where and why you might be lacking.

Cover the basics, and you'll avoid making this journey too difficult at the start. Get moving, eat more things that aren't from a box, can or that contain preservatives. Most importantly, start having fun; exercise needs to "happen", and it shouldn't feel forced. You have swimming, yoga, walking, jogging, weight classes, martial arts, or that "thing" you've always wanted to try, all available to you.

Bring it all back to what's simple. There's a lot of myths out there. If you have questions, feel free to tweet me!

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