04/15/2014 12:38 EDT | Updated 06/15/2014 05:59 EDT

If You Could Have More Energy, Would You Want It?

If you could have more energy, would you want it?

It's useful in absolutely every aspect of your life. There is nothing but benefit to it. Energy, and your bodies ability to be alert, happy, focused and filled with joy is something that needs constant work. It's a sad thought, but the second you are born, your body is on a course to shut down. Cellularly speaking, we are one day going to stop functioning.

It's your choice how that journey goes. With effort, care and concern, you can avoid preventable diseases, have a life full of energy and high level cell function, and you can be mentally focused and sharp.

Your body needs 4 things:

Nutrition -- Not from a box or pill. It needs food. Local, with a mixture of fruit, vegetable, protein, and grains. Everyone is different, so I say protein instead of meat. I've given up the battle with vegetarians, it's a choice and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Hydration -- We live in a world where it is easy to get water. No flavouring, no colours, nothing added. Just drink water. Don't worry about how much. Just drink it. No experts will ever agree, that's what they do. They do studies and tests and make conclusions. My conclusion. Drink more water, it's good for you.

Sleep -- Here is another one the experts don't agree on. How much do you need? I'll tell you how much you need. You need that one hour more you spent watching late night TV. TV did nothing for you, that extra hour would be a little more rest, and a lot more recovery. Sleep ensures the body repairs itself and makes memories. Turn the TV off, relax, have a conversation and go to sleep.

Exercise -- No one is saying the gym. I'll say this though. Instead of going straight home after work, if more people took the time to go for a jog, and add in some light body weight exercises, we'd have a lot less angry people at the dinner table. We don't have a buffer between work and traffic, and our loved ones. I'd love to see people plan to spend 40 minutes doing exercise before walking in the door at home. Run for 20 minutes, do 15 minutes of total body exercise, and stretch for 5 minutes. Do that everyday before you interact with people that didn't make you mad at the office. It gives you time to switch gears, and deal with stress. It also does wonders for the body physically.

If everyone took care of those pillars of health, it would take less than 2 and half hours a day to change. A few more minutes to eat and grab health meals. That extra hour of sleep instead of TV, and 40 minutes to make your body and mind switch into a new gear to be ready to interact with friends and family.

It is your job to ensure your health. Do small things, take care of your body and soul. Increase your energy for living. It's not a gym thing, it's a conscience decision to take care of your body and mind. You can't stop death, but you can start living.

Get up, get moving. Don't get sucked into a routine that drains you, build a plan to live life to it's fullest. Keep preventable disease out of your life, and give your body every chance to be it's best.

The gym is where you go to get pretty muscles. That's the job of a personal trainer, to ensure that you get those changes. If you just want to be healthy, you can do that anywhere. You have to love yourself, and make the decision to care for your body.

Start really taking care of yourself, go the extra mile, make the right decisions, prepare your day and manage your time. It's worth it!


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