02/05/2014 05:11 EST | Updated 04/09/2014 05:59 EDT

My Workout of the Week: Total Body

Here is a workout to get rid of your gut, tone your arms, and get you lean in a week!

Seriously, this is the greatest workout of all time!

If you start this workout this week, then in the week of May 12, 2014, you will be pretty lean and fit!

Sorry I tricked you on this a's about advertising and wording. There are no quick fixes out there. Don't let anyone tell you different. It takes at least 90 days to see solid results. Here is the workout, in a video.

It takes time to get results. It also takes committed focused effort. There is no one right way to get a little more healthy, it starts with making activity part of your life.

The workout is simple, it's total body, it will get the blood flowing and will give you the resistance you need to build muscle, and add bone density. It's a great workout, it's not the only one out there. Other trainers will have their two cents based on what they like to do.

If I had someone brand new starting (wanting to lose 25-50 pounds) I'd have them do this workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It's from my WOW Factor series (Workout Of the Week). If someone was a little fitter, I'd combine this with running on off days, yoga and a few more hours of activity in the week. You have to grow into it slowly.

Also remember, I am approaching this as a trainer. I fully understand and support people just getting outside and skiing, hiking, walking, playing tag, basically doing whatever just not watching TV. Get out and make some memories. Don't just watch someone else enjoy health.

Here is the big kicker. Diet is 100 per cent of weight loss. So if you want to look lean and sexy, in a week, it's going to take eating healthy.

Your workout is very similar to diet. There is not a right workout or wrong workout, there is no right diet or wrong diet. As long as the goal is balance and health.

In the trendy diet world right now you will hear about Paleo, Vegan, Clean Eating and more. The thing to remember is you need to find things that work for you. If you love to eat steak, being vegan is not for you. Like to sprint and jump around, Yoga may not be on your journey right now. It's simply getting you started. Build a road map, eat healthy and slowly start to move towards being active.

Success in fitness is created by the environment and the support around you. The best trainers care for their clients. They create an environment at the gym where the person they train feels safe and looks forward to coming back to better themselves physically. Friends and family can replace a trainer, and the basement can be the best training facility on the planet. It is your choice, but create the environment. Try a workout and stick to it. Put lots of effort in.

I hope you are getting this -- Sifting through all the information out there is tough. It's a bit of trial and error. Talk with personal trainers, doctors, registered dieticians, and visit the websites of some of the top experts out there.

The trick is going somewhere and finding a program that you put your all into it. I'd love to be a source for your success it was the reason I started One Fit City the blog, and created a Facebook Page. The blog is for inspiring with real stories from my clients, and Facebook is there to easily interact and answer questions.

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