04/02/2013 04:55 EDT | Updated 06/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Changing Your Facebook Profile Won't Help Gay Marriage

Human Rights Campaign

As the ever mounting case for same sex marriage lost its footing in the US Supreme Court this week, so did the efforts of a generation.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) spearheaded the effort online asking marriage equality supporters to simply change their social media profile to a pink equal sign over a red background.

And it worked, not surprising given the connectivity of social media.

Proffering an opportunity to look like the most engaged of activists in less than 10 seconds amongst the most narcissistic bunch is but the largest and most appetizing of carrots to dangle. Who wouldn't take a bite?

Declaring your support for a cause in your inner social circle, who likely shares your belief, is the most apathetic of efforts. It is one that lacks heart, financial thrust but most importantly bravery, the very virtue which has awarded me as a gay man many of the rights I cleave to on a daily basis.

It is an insult to those, like Liutenant Dan Choi who have put everything on the line.

And yet, I was devoured by my community being labeled everything from self-loathing, problematic but above all a cynic.

George Carlin once famously said a cynic is simply a disappointed idealist and that the real cynics are the one who tell you everything is going to be alright.

The most common retort to my criticism was the summation that "it's better than nothing" and that even the smallest of efforts counts towards a greater good. I swear if the millennial generation ever needed a slogan that will be it.

Sure, Rome wasn't built in a day but it didn't have couples waiting to get on with their lives sitting on the sidelines.

Sure the pictures are a symbol of unification, but please don't think it's the first step in the fight and certainly not the last.

If the extent of your activism efforts is solely 10 seconds of your time then you are no friend to the LGBT community. The extent of your effort is simply a reflection of the extent of your support.

I asked several to open their wallets as an extension to the fight. I was told I was arrogant in assuming they had the means to do so, an ever so rich comment amongst a group that proudly displays their Starbucks gold card status.

Unfortunately, SCOTUS won't reveal a decision for months and many of these faux activists have already reverted back to their previous profile picture, ironically one of which is a snapshot of her destination wedding.

History books are lined with the blood of those dying for democracy. Our future is set to roll into the printing press with human rights campaigns predicated on mouse clicks.

So call me cynical, but please just call me something. Give me something louder than a social media campaign which boils down to patting yourself on the back.

Selfishly, I just need something to drown out the sound of Harvey Milk rolling dejected in his grave.

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