09/09/2011 11:37 EDT | Updated 11/09/2011 05:12 EST

10 Things I've Learned From the Canadian Men's Soccer Team

1. I'm not a huge fan of overt patriotism most of the time (although I did well up with pride when I was in Ottawa for Canada Day last year and a local band was playing "Hasn't Hit Me Yet"). It's OK in the spirit of friendly competition, though. It's great when it involves a small contingent of boisterous St. Lucian fans in a stadium full of Team Canada supporters.


3. People think soccer (or "football" if you are European or smug) is boring if they aren't used to watching it. What makes it interesting is when you can see strategy. It's like chess, but with a lot more running. Now all I can picture is two old men, with their backs bent, running beside each other trying to play chess. The pieces are falling everywhere.

4. You can't do it yourself. No matter how much of a hotshot you think you are, you need other people to be successful. You hear that, De Rosario?

5. There is something kind of sad about watching a qualifying match between two teams that will never, ever make the World Cup (barring some insane upset). I mean, I guess Canada could beat Mexico, right? It's possible. If it does happen, then I'm definitely flying down to Brazil in 2014!

6. Just because your uniforms kind of look like Man U jerseys doesn't mean that you will play like Man U. Nice try though.

7. When you see a game at BMO Field, you get free entry to the Ex! Mini doughnuts! Deep-fried everything! Crappy midway games!

8. Toronto fans are not happy when St. Lucians start dropping to the ground, clutching their legs. It's seen as cheap. Think about it this way, though... maybe they are injured because they aren't really that great at playing soccer? Or maybe they are dehydrated and all got leg cramps? Those hurt, man! Have some empathy.

9. Team Canada is sponsored by Nutella.It's true.

10. Is it me, or are women's soccer teams just tougher than men's? I mean, Christine I right?? And she was all nonchalant about it too. "Oh this? Whatever. Just doing my job."

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