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Finding My Passion: 3 Lessons From My Real-Life Hero

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Nearing the end of a big chapter in my life and finishing up college, my mind is at crossroads: What do I want to do? Where do I want to be? What will I achieve?

Luckily for me, I'm not hostile to any outsider's opinion -- I find that listening to lots of stories and formulating your own path is the way to go, but that's just me.

I'm "passionate" about a lot of things, which is why I feel that I will forever continue to strive to get to where I want to be. Fortunately for me, I'm inspired by those around me, and there's one particular person who's mentality I admire; my dad. He always tells me to follow my passion and in the quest to find my passion I've found it in many different things.

After spending some time alone and thinking about what it is I'm passionate about -- I've realized that my dad has found the secret to living life to its full potential. He has always been giving me hints of what passion is but if you look up passion in the dictionary you'll likely find that it is an uncontrollable emotion that you feel.

Then again, emotion is something we're not advised to feel we're always pushed to being 'mentally' strong, not caving in to what those around you might say cause there's a likely chance that everyone around you is set out to manipulate you. So how are we meant to follow our passion if its tied to an uncontrollable emotion we feel?

Here's a portion of my dad's story:

My dad lost his father at the age of three, he promised himself that he would be the greatest man alive, after he grew to be aware of his father's death. He saw every waking opportunity as an opportunity to become better, he did not live in a safe-zone but he had so much to prove; to himself, to his brother, and to his father. I remember one of the many stories he told me about his childhood was that he used to use paper bags to angle his one lampshade a certain way in order to be able to finish his school work late at night.

He didn't know he'd grow up to have four kids who adore him -- but in the present, he lives with a passion for the present and the future simultaneously -- a passion for growth, and the future proved just that. He then grew up to become a man of his word, a word he gave to himself at seven years old -- he knew that he was going to give us a better life, a life that diminished all the hardships that he went through. Instead of one lampshade we had 10 just in case one was not working. He made sure that we were more secure than he ever was.

Then, that got me thinking -- how can one person be able to do what he has done, we all know one super hero in human form; and my pick would be my dad.

Passion is a mindset -- not a feeling. I've understood that anything you're interested in, even when it has to do with intrinsic growth -- be it; becoming more accepting, understanding or even more hardworking and committed that's going to take a whole lot of passion.

Here are the Three lessons from my real life hero:

Listen, and learn

I think this could be easily applied everywhere. I definitely wonder a lot about why us as people are more likely to take advice from those that are more established in the corporate ladder but we are so hostile to those around us. In reality, all those around you have something to offer that is unique to them and although not everyone we meet comes into our lives with the best of intentions. Whether you acknowledge it or not, they possess a skill better than yours so always be open to learn.

Be a Humanist

Believe it or not, no one cares to get to know you, regardless of who you are if you are a downright narcissistic human being. If we really think about it, for example, all these social media personalities are gathering more followers when they show an element of humanity and relatability -- cause at the end of the day you did not get to where you are by yourself, you did it with the help of those around you.

Since I'm taking my dad as example, he always focuses on the fact that my mother pushes him to be the best version of himself, and she gives him reality checks when he needs them because eventually, they'll make him better; especially coming from someone who cares for him the most.

Don't Forget Who You Are

I'm grateful for the fact that my dad has taught me to always stick to my beliefs in the sense of being open and understanding to different and opposing views; but without compromising my ethics. I've come to the understanding that it's very true because when everything is stripped off of you and you're lying there all by yourself -- your conscience could be your best friend or your worst enemy; so don't forget who you are and what you represent as a human while you're going on with your life.

Life will hit you with many hardships and each one of us will deal with them differently, but standing your ground is more important than anything and knowing who you are.

Thank you dad for being my real-life superhero!

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