05/31/2012 09:09 EDT | Updated 07/31/2012 05:12 EDT

Five Rules for Going Out on a Saturday Night

Style. It's not just what you're wearing but also how you act. Over the past several weeks, my team and I at have been outlining five scenarios, each of which calls for a very distinct style. These include: the workplace, after-work events, charity galas, a Saturday night out and Sunday.

At, we encourage an active, balanced lifestyle rich with professional success, charitable involvement, wellness and, of course, an active social life. If we work hard, we should play hard from time to time after all. With Saturday night arguably the most social night for the young professional (YP), it is only appropriate we outline the YP Saturday night style.

Dress Code

Saturday night lends itself to more experimentation and risk-taking when it comes to dress. Saturday nights are often spent far away from the work world, surrounded by friends, lovers and significant others; not bosses and co-workers. As such, typical the YP female who works in a conservative office may be unrecognizable on Saturday nights when she literally lets her hair down, rocks some bright lipstick and a figure-fitting dress. The same can be said for the typically suit-wearing YP banker in a rock and roll t-shirt and jeans. How dressed up to get on a Saturday definitely depends on the venue. However, over-dressing isn't as big of a deal on Saturday nights; after all, for all they know,, your next stop could be a fancy hotel party. If you are going to a smaller, lower key lounge, casual is appropriate but it doesn't have to mean sloppy -- save the just-rolled-out-of-bed look for the next day.

Try Not to Double Book

With the increased accessibility offered by email, social media accounts and instant messaging linked directly to our smart phones, YPs in every city are guilty of double booking or making loose plans with a variety of people on Saturday nights. Also common among urban YPs is hopping from place to place, perhaps meeting up with multiple friends in one night on a typical Saturday. Whatever the case, try not to be what we like to call "YP flakey" and simply bail or show up hours late without warning. If you are not the committal type (aka the type who waits until the 11th hour for the "best option") then let your friends know that you have tentative plans and that your presence will be a game time decision. Of course, this is never suggested (and is just plain rude), especially if the invitation if for a more formal occasion like an engagement party, wedding or more structured birthday parties.

Get Creative

Saturday nights don't have to be synonymous with a club or a bar. Take advantage of what your city has to offer and experiment with new restaurants, lounges and festivals. Our cities are rich with culture and bustling arts scenes; Saturday nights offer the opportunity to experience everything from large-scale musical theatre to local, underground theatre and intimate live music or comedy.

More Play, Less Work

Don't go out on a Saturday evening with a wallet full of business cards and expect they will be effectively received and put to use. Of course, any social situation is a potential networking opportunity (because you never know whom you are going to meet across from you at a dinner party). But if you are going to indulge in another cocktail, Saturday night, free from the sometimes-rigid expectations of the work week, is the time to do so. For many, then, work is the last thing they want to discuss. With that said, just because it is Saturday night doesn't mean the city becomes a giant free-for-all like in college. As a driven and increasingly influential YP, you must remember that you are not in university anymore and that double stacking at the bar, ripping one another's shirts off, crying, or vomiting inn the club bathroom is unacceptable.

Remember, Sunday Will Come

Though time may seem to stand still some Saturday nights, it is also important to account for Sunday in your party plans. You may in fact have gotten all your work and errands out of the way earlier that to bask in the (maybe foggy) bliss of having zero plans on Sunday, but chances are, there are things that need to get done. Being too indisposed as a result of the previous night's activities will only create more problems as you begin the week with last week's to-do list rolling over to the new week's list.

In general, at Notable, we believe that Saturday evenings are an opportunity to live, so do it!