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My Favourite Toys for 2012

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Being named Toys"R"Us' Chief Play Officer was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me! It is one of the best jobs for sure - my younger sister thinks so too. I mean, having toys sent to my house and getting to play with them is any kid's dream come true.

All year round, my school friends ask me what the best new toys are and they love coming over to hang out and play when I get them. But, this time of year, I'm expecting their parents to start asking what's hot for the holidays. I am excited tell everybody what are the coolest toy trends of the year.

Being a kid myself, I know the toys that are fun, trendy and sure to be popular. But, it must be tough as a parent to figure it all out, before the hottest toys are sold out. Parents are awesome, but we kids know that even the coolest parents need a hint or two sometimes!

There are so many cool toys and the best part is there is something for everyone: boys, girls, gamers, artists, readers and even kids that love adventure. Look no further parents; here are the top five toy trends I've discovered for 2012. I hope they make your holiday shopping a whole lot easier. Good luck!

Top Five Toy Trends of 2012

1. E-Readers and Tablets

When I was younger and went to the store to look at toys, my mom always said "what about a great book, Julianne?" Well parents, you're in luck. For the readers in your family, and the ones you want to make readers, e-readers are a hot trend this year. And, on top of that, they're available for all ages.

Tablets for kids are also really popular this year and the best part is that they can do some of the same stuff the adult tablets do! Kids love them because we can use them as music players, cameras, video recorders and even photo-editors.

2. Gaming

Gaming always seems to be on the Toy Trend list. With even more new games coming out and old ones being reinvented, gamers will definitely have a busy winter playing the newest games they got during the holidays.

3. Collectables

Make room on your shelves -- collecting is making a comeback. Us kids love anything that we can collect and trade with our friends, especially when we find the hottest characters before anyone else. From a mini trash can gross gang, to cars, pets and people that fit in the palm of our hands, boys and girls are going crazy for collectables.

4. Design your Own

Kids love anything that we can make our own, that's why we love it when we can pick and choose the colours and features that our toys have. From "retro" skateboards with boards and wheels in cool neon colours that we can mix and match, to micro scooters and accessories that we can customize and use to make our existing scooters even more awesome, it's like being your very own toy designer!

5. Retro Toys

It's hard to believe that what our parents thought was cool when they were kids is coming back! I just discovered this for myself when I was chatting with one of the Toys"R"Us toy buyers (one of the people who picks what makes it to the shelves) who said, "classic toys that your parents used to play with are now making a huge comeback for us kids. With new styles and features, kids are going to love the retro toys this holiday." Of course I had a hard time believing this, but let me tell you, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Furby to Strawberry Shortcake, these retro toys are pretty awesome.

6. The Coolest Movies make the Coolest Toys!

From your home's little hero to the crazy collector in your family, toy shelves will be full this fall with new action figures and accessories from the latest popular movies. Head out to Toys"R"Us and check out the shelves that are full of toy heroes and costumes you can get for the superhero in your family. Parents don't worry, even the little girls in our families, like my sister, have a hero to look up to and a toy they'll love as well!

I hope my toy trends and tips gave you some ideas for the holiday season. I'll talk to you again soon with another toy-filled blog.

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