08/17/2012 05:38 EDT | Updated 10/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Sticky Situation: How to Properly Choose a Bra

This Sticky Situation blog comes to you with the mention: LOGF (Ladies Only Gentlemen Forbidden). Off to golf you go, gentlemen.

As the Huffington Post Canada's Sticky Situations blogger, I write about challenging professional and social scenarios. I give tactical tips and talking points to help you handle life's awkward moments. A lot of what I write about picks up where the adults in your life may have left off. This blog goes where your Mom may have never gone before: bra territory. Read on sisters!

Since the beginning of spring, I have presented "Dress for Success" workshops to accountants, lawyers, public servants and soon to a group of new engineers. I annually meet well over a thousand professionals. I am regularly approached for all kinds of Sticky Situations solutions but have yet to be asked about bras. "Not surprising," you say. "After all brassieres are delicate attire and delicate to talk about." I agree, but, a woman needs to know what her bra size is. I have seen too many bra muffin tops, back cleavages and armpit flab spillages. I can't keep quiet anymore. Knowing whether you are 32AA, 34B or 38 DDD will do wonders for your silhouette and I want you to find out, which size is right for you; which size will stop you from pouring out.

Although you wear a bra every day, you may have never invested the time and energy to get properly fitted for one. You probably spent more time figuring out the ideal dimensions for your first couch than you regularly do for your bra band and cup sizes. And when you do, every top, dress, coat and jacket you own will look better on you. I promise.

Don't wait any longer; go get fitted. All of the retail associates in La Senza or your favorite lingerie retailer have the tools and the expertise to help you 'Salute the sun' as Oprah says. These bra fitters will also help in your brassieres choices: strapless, sports or bustier. They all have their purpose in your wardrobe and they all deserve a place in your undergarment drawer.

While we are at it, actually under it; invest in Spanx shapewear. Ridges are only to be seen in Ruffles chips, not your bottom or mid-torso. Nobody should to be able to guess whether you are wearing a frilly tong or cotton briefs...unless, you want them to...Victoria's Secret should remain a secret.

I conclude this blog by giving you a Trivial Pursuit answer. "Who invented the brassiere?' Answer: Otto Titzling. It may be an urban legend, made up by a humorist, but the next time that you play the game, you will be able to correctly answer the pop culture question.

Enjoy the new support, comfort, being right in your bra size and at least one question in Trivial Pursuit!

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