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Sticky Situation: What Should You Call Caitlyn Jenner?

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Sticky Situation:

What should you call Caitlyn Jenner?


Since her transition, it seems that everyone has an opinion on it.

"Dad" -- that is what Brandon, Burt, Brody, Casey, Kylie and Kendall are calling her. Why? She asked them to. Simple, isn't it? Even better yet, her children respectfully asked her what she wanted to be called after the metamorphosis.

Will her grandchildren then have to transition from "grandpa" to "grandma"?

She is a sensitive woman and realizes the impact a name change may have on the little ones. She has not decided yet. Although you may have an opinion on it, you do not get to share your thoughts or vote, unless she invites you to.

And you, what will you use, to greet the 1976 gold medal decathlete Olympian?

As someone who has been married three times and as a parent to six children, she may choose to be called Mrs. Jenner.That choice is her privilege. I guess we will have to wait and read it when she corresponds with us by email or in a letter. ☺

Did you know? Originally, in etymology, Mistress was the marital-neutral feminine equivalent of Mister.

The feminine honorific evolved to Mrs. for married women, and to Miss, for unmarried women.

These days so as not to discriminate, based on marital status, most women prefer, and when you refer to other women, use the honorific Ms.

For men nothing has changed. Their last names are still preceded by Mr., regardless of their matrimonial situation.

Although she is single right now, Miss should not apply to her. These days, Miss is the honorific reserved for young girls. But, she may be old fashioned and wish to show that she is single and available. In that case, she could choose to be presented as Miss Jenner.

Chances are that you don't know her. As a Huffington Post reader, you are probably younger than her. "Lovely to meet you Ms. Jenner," is how you should respond to an introduction to the 65-year-old.

And what if you are a close friend, can you call her Cait? If she asks you to, go ahead. From the publicity of her E! trailer, I am Cait, it appears that we may all be invited to call her Cait.

In business never take the liberty of using a nickname to address someone. Elizabeth may not like being called Liz. But, if she signs an email with Liz, then you have permission to use it.

What people can call you is your choice. And what you should call people is their choice.

Since I have not been introduced to her or have not received correspondence from her, I am playing it safe: "Best of luck Ms. Jenner."

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