04/01/2015 05:47 EDT | Updated 06/01/2015 05:59 EDT

Sticky Situation: Easter Hosting Infographic

Zero Creatives via Getty Images

Sticky Situation:

Whether Mother Nature displays her signs of renewal or not, the Easter Bunny will be hopping as planned this weekend.

To help you set the table and maneuver Sticky Hosting Situations during a brunch get-together, a potluck buffet or a formal dinner, I have put together a colourful infographic with the help of my precious visual collaborator, Sam Clusiau-Lawlor.


Click on the image, print and post it inside a kitchen cupboard. Gone will be the embarrassment and faux-pas.

Need a refresher on dining etiquette? Re-read this post, The Ten Commandments of Easter Dining.

Happy Easter celebration!


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