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The Who, What, When and Where of the Royal Baby


The world's eyes are on royal baby bump watch. Prince William's helicopter is on standby. The paparazzis are on click alert. #RoyalBaby is trending. Any minute, any second, the world will go wild when Duchess Kate delivers the much awaited, blue-blooded baby of the Windsor family.

And you may be wondering about the when, what, where and how of this royal tra la la?

This Sticky Situation blog's got it covered. Here's your royal baby guide:

* When will it be the royal baby's turn to reign?

The royal baby will be third in the succession line to the throne. The newborn will bump Prince Harry, to fourth in line.

The top five of the current order of succession, which is not only regulated through descent, but also by Parliamentary statute, is:

The sovereign, Elizabeth II, 87 years old

1. The Prince of Wales, Charles, 64 years old

2. The Duke of Cambridge, William, 31 years old

3. The first child, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Prince or The Princess of Cambridge, coming to our world very very soon

4. Prince Henry of Wales, Harry, 28 years old

For the first time in the British Monarchy's history, gender will no longer dictate the line of succession. In 2011, shortly after Will and Kate's wedding, Parliament will put an end to the early 18th-century male primogeniture. If it is a girl, the Duke and Duchess' daughter will not be surpassed, for her right to reign.

* What will the royal baby's name be?

Since the Duke and Duchess requested not to know the gender of their first born, their baby's name has not been announced.

Baby name bets are on and the London betting houses are favouring a girl.

Alexandra, the Queen's middle name, tops the list. Charlotte, Pipa's middle name, is second. Elizabeth, the upcoming child's great-grandmother's name, is third. Diana is in fourth place, but it is definitely the public's favourite.

With strong historical family precedents: George, James and Philip are the frontrunners for a boy's name. Elvis is the long shot with 500:1 odds. ☺

The baby will be known as the Prince or Princess of Cambridge.

* Where will the royal birth be announced?

Like its father, the baby will be born at St-Mary's Hospital, in Paddington. In 1982, Prince William was the first of the Royal family to be born outside of the palace.

The news of the birth will be announced in the royal tradition: a signed proclamation.

The medical team, of Dr. Allan Farthing, the Royal Gynecologist (yup! that is his title), who oversees the Duchess' pregnancy, will oversee the Prince or Princess' birth and will sign the certificate.

The brief bulletin will confirm the date and time of the birth, the sex of the child, that it has been "safely delivered" and maybe the weight.

Within minutes from the hospital ward, the official birth notice will be carried by police escort, to be displayed in a wooden frame, on a golden easel, behind the iron railings of Buckingham Palace.

Gun salutes will welcome the royal baby: 62 rounds at the Tower of London and 41 rounds from Green Park.

Social media announcements will be done after all the traditional royal pomp and circumstance. Twitter followers of @BritishMonarchy will have to wait.

* How will people celebrate?

In London, every pub is showing off their patriotic pride concocting new drinks, while the chic hotels are announcing Afternoon Tea baby shower celebrations.

Here in Canada, the CN Tower and Niagara falls will glow pink or blue to announce Prince or Princess of Cambridge. You can even place your bet on Niagara Parks' Facebook page.

Personally, I placed a pink bet. And while we are at it, my favourite choice for the name is Charlotte.

Sticky situation:

Lastly, should you someday meet the Prince or Princess of Cambridge, you probably want to know: curtsy or not?


Although many well-wishers still opt for the traditional greetings, modern day manners do not dictate any specific behavior for meeting any member of the royal family. The handshake, the universal greeting of peace, is the usual choice of contemporary royal encounters.

Should you wish to display your regal respect, as a gentleman; bow your head slightly from the neck, and as a lady, 'bob' a curtsy -- right foot behind left. Like all other members of the Royal Family, except for 'Her Majesty', the Queen, you should address him or her as 'Your Royal Highness'.

In the end, the baby, although royal, like all other babies in the world, will come when it is ready, and the best wish we can offer to Will and Kate, like to all other parents in the world, is for a healthy child.

Now, the wait is on. Place yer baby bets for the future King, or Queen, of England.

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