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Sticky Situation: Super Bowl Party Manners

FILE - In this Sept. 23, 2012, file photo, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis reacts as he is introduced before an NFL football game against the New England Patriots in Baltimore. Ravens fans will rock the building during Ray Lewis' pregame Squirrel Dance, a YouTube sensation that Lewis will perform for the final time before retiring. Will there be smoke and flames to accompany the star linebacker's ritual? (AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)

Sticky Situation: The countdown, to the most watched sports event in the world, has begun. As I am writing this blog, the right side ticker, on the Official 2013 Super Bowl XLVII's website, is at 2 days 12 hours 03 minutes 23 seconds.

You've made serious pro bets or silly prop wagers. You are playing for cash or bragging rights. Your list, of classic NFC against AFC championship categories, includes which team will be the winner and who will get Gatorade showered. And, to commemorate the first time head coach, brother versus brother milestone rivalry, there's a new row on your pool's spreadsheet. You had to choose into which locker room, the Harbaugh parents will walk after the game. Will they be there to cheer or to console? When the Mercedes-Benz Superdome's field is flooded with the media, will they go to John and the Ravens or Jim and the 49ers?

Spring ahead to Super Bowl Sunday. You are wearing your team's gear; jersey on your freshly showered back, and cap on your uncoiffed mane.

FYEI (For Your Etiquette Information) -- Game day is the only day when your ball cap may be kept on, while indoor. Do remove it for the anthem.

You've even put on your Mardi Gras beads in honour of this year's host city, New Orleans. Your favourite beverage is in your cooler. You're ready to go p-a-r-t-y.

But, before you get set to watch the famous coin flip, check your Super Bowl party manners.


Here are 10 don'ts and one do, the get reinvited to next year's matchup:

  1. Don't coach at the TV. Leave the battle for the Lombardi trophy to the bros, J & J.
  2. Don't double dip nachos, veggies or any other party foods. Need a refresher on why not, or just for fun, watch the famous Seinfeld scene. As the guy said to George: "Just take one dip and end it."
  3. Don't lick your fingers of chicken wing 'guck' and then high five your buddy. Use your napkin, please.
  4. Don't talk or interrupt during the commercials. This is not the time to show your version of the Ray Lewis dance. Unless, everybody does it. And, in that case, it goes...So hot in here...swoosh to the right, swoosh to the left, work it all up and clap.
  5. Don't give 'lip' about Beyoncé. The woman has the pipes, plus a lot more, and she can belt it. Listen to her acapella version of the Star Spangled Banner on media day. American or not, you feel the goose bumps.
  6. Don't take pics of friends in 'low places'.
  7. Don't post, text, tweet or tag, before doing the two-fridge test. Your job, or your friend's, could depend on it.
  8. Don't touch that remote. It's the host's privilege.
  9. Don't even think of calling in sick on Monday morning.
  10. Do thank your host(ess) when leaving, and with a call or email again tomorrow.

11. Most importantly: Don't drink and drive. Make safe ride arrangements ahead.

Go Harbaughs go!

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