02/01/2015 10:39 EST | Updated 04/03/2015 05:59 EDT

Sticky Situation: Super Bowl Sunday Manners

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Sticky Situation:

The countdown to Super Bowl XLIX has begun.

The Seattle Seahawks are about to defend their title against the New England Patriots.

This fanatical day is all about football but also about family, friends and foods.


Don't get flagged for foul play, follow these 10 party manners and get reinvited for next year's Super Bowl L.

1. Ask your host ahead how you can contribute to the festivities. If your host has it all under control bring a gift like a football-themed party platter or your secret barbecue sauce.

2. Respect the remote. It's the host's privilege.

3. Double dipping is a no-no. Need a refresher on why not? Watch the famous Seinfeld scene. As the guy says to George: "Just take one dip and end it."

4. Use your napkin, please. Chicken wings are finger foods, but finger licking should be a solitary activity. Don't high five your buddy with chicken wing guck. Yuck!

5. Keep the commercial chatter to a minimum. Everyone wants to hear the punchline at the same time.

6. Make sure that your comments about Ms. Perry's performance or outfit are "G" rated.

7. Don't take pics, post, text, tag or tweet friends in "deflating" moments. Your job, or theirs, could depend on it. Do the two-fridges test first.

8. Make safe ride arrangements ahead of time. Don't drink and drive.

9. Don't even think of calling in sick the morning after.

10. Thank your host(ess) when leaving and text, call or email on the morning after.

Have fun and keep your super fan manners in check. Just like Marshawn Lynch, you don't want to be fined or maybe worst, de-friended.

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