09/07/2012 12:15 EDT | Updated 11/07/2012 05:12 EST

TIFF 2012 Backstage Pass: Day One Recap


This is the second blog in a series documenting what it's like working behind-the-scenes at TIFF.

Day One:

2:30AM -- Finally leaving the office to sneak in a few hours sleep before the show begins!

7:23AM -- Alarm did not go off as planned, ominous start. Jumped in the shower, threw on some heels and squeezed into a packed streetcar headed towards TIFF Bell Lightbox, my home away from home.

12:10PM -- Caught up with one of my favourite people, Director of the Sydney Film Festival, the ever charming Nashen Moodley.

1:00PM -- Off to the newly renovated Bloor Hot Docs Cinema to do a walk-through with the people from Greetings From Tim Buckley -- now where should we seat Penn Badgley?

3:00PM -- Snagged my first bite of the day: a croissant from our swank new guest lounge.

5:35PM -- Opening Night Party is hot -- tickets are becoming scarce. Running around trying to get my hands on a few more...

6:03PM -- Mission accomplished! A few more tickets for some very special guests.

6:40PM -- Preparing for tomorrow's intros and Q&As. In the line-up: Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, Snoop Lion, Indian superstar Abhay Deol and South African psychological thriller Sleeper's Wake.

8:23PM -- Ran downstairs to do a Q&A for Kinshasa Kids, a fabulous film set in the vibrant streets of Kinshasa. Can't wait to see how the audience reacts.

9:35PM -- Q&A was amazing, great questions, really engaged audience, but now have to run again. Need to get opening night party tickets to my favourite indie Bollywood star! Any guesses?

11:28PM -- Back in the office. Quick costume change and then off to the opening night party! Here's hoping I can stick it out in these heels a few more hours...