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The Only Thing I Want for Mother's Day Doesn't Have a Price

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I am about to experience my 12th Mother's Day, and this year I want to share a secret to dads and kids everywhere about what us moms really want.

I didn't realize it until my daughter gave me a gift this past birthday. It was simple, cost nothing, and has awakened me to what I really want in life.


I want to know that you love me. That I do a good job raising you. That sometimes I can be fun. I want to know that you are growing up strong, and smart and happy.

Tell me that your life is good, that I support you and take away your fears when you are scared. Let me know that the hard decisions I have had to make for you, have been worthwhile and didn't scar you that badly.

Let me know what you admire about me, tell me how I am your hero -- even if it is just in small ways.

If I championed for you, and you noticed, please let me know. It will make me feel appreciated.

Don't worry about getting me a gift, or making me breakfast, just show me love and then lets enjoy the day.

After all is said and done and you are off on your own adventure of life, I won't remember the piles of laundry, or the scrabble to figure out what is for dinner.

What I will remember is the times we laughed together, or when I helped you through a problem that worried you. I will remember late night homework sessions when you finally GOT IT, and when I taught you my chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Don't send me to the spa this mother's day, or prepare a fancy meal. Just be you, because seeing who you are is more than enough of a gift for me.

Dads, kids, this year, just tell mom what she wants to hear. Grab a piece of paper -- or use an app, like this one -- and record it. Don't stress yourselves out trying to make it perfect, we don't want perfection. We just want want real.

A Letter from My Daughter


You are sweet in the heart,

And in the brain smart,

You are to some a daughter and a sister

Aunt or Wife, but to me you are my mother.

You have characteristics that some do not,

Like kindness and gentleness and a hardworking personality.

You can be funny, in ways that only apply to you.

You are generally awesome and beautiful,

A role model to me, and loved throughout the world.

I am proud to call you my mom, Julie.

Love Amy


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