09/09/2015 05:28 EDT | Updated 09/09/2016 05:12 EDT

10 Signs You're an Entrepreneur


I've been an entrepreneur for more than 16 years. The best decision I ever made was leaving the last place I worked to launch Maverick Public Relations. I wasn't born with the DNA of an entrepreneur, it was more of a learned and progressive journey. I think becoming an entrepreneur comes from a deep emotional desire to do your own thing. Period. It isn't motivated by money, either. That's just what people think and they couldn't be more wrong.

In my opinion, the greatest entrepreneur Canada has ever produced was Ted Rogers. A true visionary who left an indelible mark on Canada's telecommunications industry. When I think of entrepreneurship, he is the first one that pops into mind. He embodied the traits of an entrepreneur from his early days, up until his death. He had an unwavering attitude towards innovation and pioneering new territory for Rogers Communications.

He along with other entrepreneurs are compelled to do their own thing for many different reasons. I've been fortunate to have worked alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs during my time as a PR professional, and helped to launch numerous entrepreneurial companies. One thing is certain, they're all cut from the same cloth. So with 16 years of primary research under my belt, I think I've nailed down the top 10 tell tale signs that you're probably an entrepreneur, or one in the making.

10. Confident: You listen to everyone for advice then you do your own thing.

9. Optimistic: You don't see risks -- only opportunities.

8. Adventurous: You are the kind of person that can sit at the edge of a cliff to see what's below. You need to feel a rush and are in much need of adrenaline on regular basis.

7. Persistent: Whether your family, friends or relatives support you, frankly, you don't give a crap. Your mind is always made up.

6. Charming: You have to be. Entrepreneurs need to sell, persuade and move people to action. You can't do this by being an asshole!

5. Fearless: You have no idea how to finance your operation, but you know you'll find the money somewhere. Nothing can stop you.

4. Visionary: You have clarity, you know your path. You have the ability to see what others can't and you make it happen.

3. Altruistic: That's right. Entrepreneurs care and value freedom and independence not money. Money is a by-product that allows you that freedom to do something good for others. Many entrepreneurs are some of the greatest humanitarians and philanthropists in the world.

2. Independent: You want to run a company based on your core values and principles. And you want to do it your way based on your ethics and ideals, it's a personal mission.

1. Imaginative: You are highly creative, resourceful and full of ideas. From creative financing to re-engineering your business in changing market conditions, you better be imaginative or you're cooked.


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