09/07/2012 10:01 EDT | Updated 11/07/2012 05:12 EST

Clinging to Summer? Try this Boozy Sno-Cone Treat


With the dawn of a new autumn looming over our heads, we desperately grasp at straws trying to maintain those laidback summer vibes we've been feeling all season long. Repeating "summer is not over" internally and forcing the kids to run through the sprinkler over crunchy brown grass, can only satisfy you in the short term. Instead, I say we celebrate the change of seasons, look forward to it and honour the passing of summer for another year. And how better to pay your respects that lounging in the late afternoon sun with a liquored up snow cone and a barbecue?

Before you ask how you'll ever get a snow cone delivered to your backyard, let me tell you about my new favourite appliance. I was recently gifted a Snow Cone machine for my birthday this past week. How the heck they knew I wanted one so badly, I'll never know but I am so excited to have one...again. Yes, I had a snow cone machine before. When I was a mere child of 10, I saved up all of my dandelion-picking money and bought a snow cone machine from the local Walgreens. It is only looking back now that I realize that only a true foodie would spend their hard earned allowance on a snow cone machine or a kitchen appliance of any kind. Most kids would have bought a doll or some Lego or colouring books. Anyways, it was quite possibly the best snow cone machine ever. It had Snoopy on it.

Anyways, I am so happy to have this machine at my disposal because we all know that sometimes a girl has GOT to give up that ice cream and fro yo for something a little bit more water-based for the sake of calories. Pimm's with strawberries always makes me think of summer so I dreamed up a lemonade + mint spin on the classic snow cone to help us get through this difficult transition period.

What you'll be putting down:

snow cone machine

chopped strawberries


fresh mint

lemon juice

Throw it together:

First of all make the snow. Make more than you might need because it might melt before your cocktail is even ready!

Mix your chopped strawberries with your snow in a bowl.

In another smaller bowl, mix Pimm's with lemon juice. Use your own discretion -- the boozier it is the better, right?

Fill up your snow cone cup with snow and strawberries.

Garnish with some fresh mint (this is going to add SO much flavour to the drink. Yum!).

Slowly pour Pimm's and lemon mixture over snow. Top with a little extra snow and serve up with a tiny spoon.

I've always been a cherry or blue raspberry girl when it comes to snowcones in the past, but I think now as my tastes have matured (ever so slightly and obviously more boozy) this fresh and delicious take on the classic cone'd dessert will do the trick. What's a hot day without a snow cone?

A Boozy End-of-Summer Sno-Cone